Workout Routines for Toning
Strength and Much More

Traditional Chinese workout routines for toning and strength don’t just improve your body physically – they also sharpen your mind and balance your emotions. This is because they also contain acupressure, self-massage and breathing techniques – ancient, time-tested ways for improving and maintaining mental and emotional health, naturally and yourself.

Complete Workouts, Not Just Toning, Strength

Why should you include such techniques in your strength and toning workout routines? Basically, a strong, toned, “beautiful” body isn’t enough - complete, harmonious health occurs only when you have control over your mind and emotions too. Therefore, if your workout routines are all about looking “good”, then you’re only doing one-third of what you should and could be doing for your health – now and long-term.

Traditional Chinese workouts are really combined workout routines for toning, strength, relaxation, mental clarity, energy and more, and comprise exercises that are mostly done standing and without the need for any equipment, classes or training partners. All you need is 15-30 minutes a day and somewhere suitable to exercise – in a park or yard, at the beach, in a room near an open window, almost anywhere.

Better Sleep, Digestion, Bowels

While such workouts certainly tone and tighten problem areas like your belly, waist, butt and thighs, regular practice also leads to positive changes in your sleep, digestion, bowel movements, circulation and other important aspects of your health too.

Harmful Negative Emotions

Unfortunately, there has for so long been a greater emphasis placed on external beauty it has led to most people doing completely unbalanced workouts and exercise routines. With stress, anxiety, frustration, fear, depression and other negative emotions so prevalent in the world today, the need for balanced, holistic workouts rather than just routines for toning and strength is more essential than ever.

What about you?

Are you mostly or only following workout routines for toning and strength and so you can look “good”? If your total health and wellbeing is important to you, then start exercising holistically. The changes in your physical, mental and emotional health will flow into and improve all areas of your life.

This site offers two workout routines for toning.

Toning workout one is the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program.

It contains not only exercises to tone your body but also exercises and self-help techniques to improve overall health and wellbeing, such as deep breathing and acupressure.

The benefits of the program include:

  • A strong, supple back, neck, arms, legs
  • Firm abs, waist, hips, thighs, arms
  • More energy, better circulation
  • Greater relaxation and clearer thinking
  • Less negative emotions, and more

If you are looking for workout routines for toning and you want better overall physical, mental and emotional health too, try the Long Life Program. It is suitable for most people, young or old.

Toning workout two is Waist Exercises.

As the title suggests, it focuses on your mid-section - your abs, belly, sides of waist and butt.

Both these toning workout routines consist of bodyweight exercises, which provide resistance for not just toning but also strengthening your body.

These waist exercises also improve digestion, bowels and the health of your entire pelvic area. Neither program requires weights, gyms or anything else - just somewhere to do them.

Program Designer

Both workouts were designed by me, Matthew Scott. I have been doing traditional Chinese exercises since 1987 and currently live in China. In Australia I was a professional Chinese medicine practitioner for ten years and I taught the Chinese way of health and exercising to many of my patients. Since 2005 I have taught traditional Chinese exercises online via this website.

If you have questions about either of these workouts routines for toning let me know. I'll be happy to help.

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