Exercise for Anxiety?

Are there some exercises that are better for people who suffer from anxiety?

Matthew's reply: Hi, acupressure and slow, deep breathing are superb exercises for anxiety. Please take a look at the Anxiety-Stress section of this site if you haven't already. Choose a couple of techniques that you feel best match your particular situation and try them for a couple of weeks. If they don't give you much anxiety relief then come back and try some different ones. Chinese herbal medicine is also very effective for anxiety, so you may wish to investigate this further.

All the best - any questions about Chinese medicine or the various techniques and exercises for anxiety on this site just post them. Also see below post on what causes anxiety.

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What Causes Anxiety and Panic?

What causes anxiety and panic and why does the body react so badly?

Matthew's reply: Hi, there is no easy answer to this because everyone is different in how they experience and deal with anxiety and anxious situations. Mild anxiety is a common and perfectly normal reaction to stressful situations. Anxiety can help us to focus better and handle stressful situations better. However, when you become overly or constantly anxious and begin to fear or avoid doing normal, everyday things because of anxiety then you obviously have a problem.

So, why do so some people develop chronic, debilitating anxiety and panic attacks? In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), people with chronic anxiety and panic attacks usually have an underlying heart imbalance/weakness. Other organs such as the kidneys may also be involved. Note that I say this from a TCM viewpoint - Western Medicine is a completely different medical system and may recognize other causative factors.

In TCM, Chinese herbal medicine is used to nourish the heart, the blood and other organs involved. In addition you can also do a few things to help yourself, like slow, deep breathing and acupressure. The above is just a basic outline of the TCM view and treatment of chronic anxiety and panic attacks. For specific advice on your particular condition you would need to consult face to face with a TCM practitioner. Feel free to post further questions (below) on the TCM treatment of anxiety and panic attacks.

All the best,


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