Best exercise to lose weight and relax?

by Kela
(United States)

What is the best Chinese exercise to lose weight and relax at the same time?

Matthew's reply: Hi Kela, there is no singe best exercise that will make everyone lose weight and also relax. Everyone is different, with different body types, different overall states of health, different stress levels, etc etc.

The exercises I recommend on this site to help you lose weight from your belly and waist region include the Ab Lift and Forward-Backward Bend and Ab Wheel Exercises.

To lose weight overall you may also need to adjust your diet. Go to the following page to download my Chinese Diet Report.

And, of course, you'll need to do some regular, heart-pumping exercise several times a week, such as through sport, soft sand running, stair running, skipping or similar. Choose ones you enjoy! Short, intensive sessions that push you to the limit each time are best - no need to run marathons or do hours of cardio!

To relax I highly recommend acupressure and breathing exercises.

Sorry to disappoint you but there just is no single, best exercise to lose weight and relax. Any questions or comments please post below.

All the best,


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Weight Loss During Pregnancy?

by Maham
(Lahore, Pakistan)

hi. maham here again. i am now 7 weeks pregnant. my weight is 150 lbs and my height is 5'2". my doctor has advised me to lose some weight. she says, there is no harm in losing some weight during early pregnancy. all my tests and ultrasound are normal. please suggest me some good exercises that i can do to lose some weight. also suggest me some healthy diet plan that doesn't effect health of my baby but help me in losing weight. thanks

Matthew's reply: Hi Maham, it is difficult for me via the internet to offer specific advice on weight loss during pregnancy. In Chinese medicine everyone is considered a unique individual, so our dietary and other health requirements are different.

Generally speaking, walking is a very good way to lose excess weight and to build some physical fitness, without straining your body too much. Here in China I walk every second day to and around a local park. There are stairs going up a hill at the park and I run up these to give me a harder workout.

I suggest you find somewhere like a park where you can take enjoyable walks at least 3-4 times a week for 30-40 minutes each time. To burn off excess weight you will need to walk fast enough to increase your heart rate. Also, walking before breakfast is a good way to lose excess weight.

Regarding diet, once again it is difficult to offer through the internet specific advice on diet and weight loss during pregnancy. I do offer some general Chinese dietary advice in a special report on this page.

This advice may not be suitable for you during pregnancy though. I would discuss your dietary requirements with your doctor. He/she would surely be able to offer you suggestions that are specific to your unique needs and that of your baby.

All the best,


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Effective Exercise For Losing Weight Quickly?

by Nazish
(China, Shanghai)


Nice to read your articles regarding health, i work from 9 to 6 and don't get much time to do exercise. Also i need to lose weight from Hip, waist stomach abs and chest area. You can say i want to lose all over weight. My height is 4 feet 9 inch and weight is around 110 pounds, which is over weight for my height.

Kindly recommend me some good and effective exercises which i can do 15 to 20 minutes daily and can loose weight effectively. Also recommend me any healthy and effective Chinese medicine to loose weight.

I live and work in shanghai, i can buy from shanghai. Also please tell me if playing badminton can help me lose weight and how much calories one can burn while playing badminton. Please reply for my questions.

Matthew's reply: Hi Nazish, there is no quick, healthy way to lose weight and keep it off. It requires the right diet for your body type, the right regular exercise and time. There is no safe weight loss medicine that helps you lose weight quickly. Chinese medicine can help but the best way is to get an individualized prescription from a professional herbalist - not some bottle of weight loss pills from a store.

If you have 15-20 minutes a day use it to do some kind of exercise that will increase your heart rate so that you can burn off excess weight. Pick an exercise that you ENJOY - very important or you will not stick with it. Even do a few different ones like using a treadmill or exercise bike at a gym, or running up stairs somewhere, or jumping rope. Up to you. There are some exercises in the Abdominals section of this site, like the Ab Lift, that you can do as well.

Badminton can give you a good workout especially if you play singles and in the heat of the Shanghai summer. If you like badminton then by all means play it. I do not know how many calories it will burn, sorry.

Diet-wise it depends on your body type and specific needs. Generally, you should avoid stodgy foods like white bread, pizza and excess pasta and white rice. These foods tend to add to any excess weight around your waist.

I recommend traditional Chinese dietary advice for most people. You can get some general tips from my Chinese Diet report which is on this page.

For specific dietary advice and if you are interested in taking Chinese herbal medicine to address any digestive imbalances contributing to your excess weight, I suggest you see a Chinese medicine doctor in Shanghai.

Also, there are a number of other postings in the Abdominals forum that are related to losing weight.

All the best,


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