Waist Exercise Program

This program of classic Chinese exercises includes waist exercises, hip exercises and abs and belly exercises.

If you want a slim waist and hips and a firm belly this program is for you. The exercises are simple and can be done virtually anywhere without equipment or training partners.

The program targets all sides of your waist including your lower back, your hips and butt and your lower abdomen and belly. The program also includes acupressure and self-massage techniques that stimulate the organs which, in Chinese medicine, directly contribute to problems like excess body fat, poor muscle tone and lack of energy.

In the program I show you:

  • 3 exercises to firm and tone your hips
  • 3 exercises to firm and tone your abs and belly
  • 3 techniques to stimulate the organs related to excess fat
  • A powerful exercise to firm and tone your thighs and butt
  • A self-massage technique to stop lower back and sacral pain
  • Foods to avoid if you have excess fat around your waist
  • How Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help you

My name is Matthew Scott and I've been following the Chinese way of health since 1987 and teaching it online since 2005. For ten years in Australia I was a professional Chinese medicine practitioner.

I created this hips and waist exercise program but not the exercises and techniques. They were developed in China over at least 2000 years by doctors, martial artists and massage therapists and they have been time-tested by literally millions of ordinary people who exercise daily in parks all over China.

I have lived in China since 2000 and everyday I see people of all ages doing the very same exercises and techniques in this program. Traditional Chinese exercises and self-help techniques are still in use because they work. It's that simple.

This hips and waist program is suitable for people with:

  • Excess belly fat
  • Excess lower abdominal fat
  • Love handles
  • Lower back problems
  • Hip problems and more.

The program is accessible for anyone with a computer. Just watch the online videos and follow along as I do the exercises and techniques. You can also store the videos on your PC for offline viewing. Included with the program is a printable instruction manual with all the benefits and tips for each technique.

And to help you get the absolute most out of the program I also give you full online support based on my experience doing traditional Chinese exercises and self help techniques since 1987. Email me your questions or concerns and I'll promptly respond.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about the waist exercise program I'll be happy to help.

To your health,

Matthew Scott

Australian, former Chinese medicine practitioner of 10 years,
Graduate Australian College of Natural Medicine (1990),
Exercising the traditional Chinese way since 1987,
Living in China since 2000.

Waist Exercise Program

Only $19.95

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