Traditional Chinese
Video Exercise Programs

These video exercise programs are based on the traditional Chinese way of health. They include bodyweight exercises, stretching exercises, breathing exercises and self-massage and acupressure techniques. Chinese people have used these kinds of methods for at least 2000 years for energy, strength, toning, relaxation, circulation, pain, sleep and more.

Virtually anyone can do traditional Chinese exercises. All you need is somewhere to do them - no weights, gyms or training partners required.

The programs below are online exercise programs which you can watch on your computer as often as you like and also download for offline viewing. You can also watch them on a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad.

There is a general program for better overall health and well-being, as well as programs for specific body areas and specific health problems. Included with each program is relevant dietary and lifestyle advice and an online, printable instruction manual.

Through these video exercise programs I offer you a time-tested, cost-effective way to improve and maintain your health.

Traditional Chinese Video Exercise Programs

Note: Some exercises appear in more than one program, e.g. the Neck Program and Self-Massage program have some similar techniques. This is because many Chinese exercises have multiple benefits. If you are interested in several programs contact me first so I can make sure you purchase the right programs for your needs.

Long Life Exercise Program: A general exercise program for anyone who wants greater energy, strength, relaxation and emotional balance. Particularly recommended for men and women 40 and over.

Waist Exercises: Targets all sides of your waist including your lower back, your hips and butt and your lower abdomen and belly.

Anxiety Program: Acupressure and breathing exercises are quick, easy ways to calm and relax yourself. This program stops anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional problems.

Neck Program: Ideal for office workers, students, drivers, athletes and anyone whose job or lifestyle creates tension and pain in their neck and upper back. I've used the techniques twice on myself to stop a painfully stiff neck from surfing.

Lower Back Program: Stretching, strengthening and self-massage exercises for a strong, flexible, pain-free lower back.

Headache Program: Simple self help techniques to stop headaches due to stress, fatigue, overwork, colds, menstruation and other factors.

Evening-Sleep Program: A 100% natural remedy for insomnia that gives you a sound sleep every night. Suitable for anyone who has trouble sleeping, i.e. unwinding at night, waking during the night, waking up feeling tired.

Knee Program: For strengthening knees and for recovery of certain knee injuries like knee sprains and bruised knees.

Common Cold Program: This program has stopped me getting colds and flu for the past 5 years. And I live in crowded, polluted China where cold and flu outbreaks are frequent.

Self-Massage Techniques: Knowing how and which areas to massage is very useful. Self-massage is great for pain, stress, poor sleep and more.

Meditation Program: The easiest way to meditate - just close your eyes and listen. The relaxation music and special brainwave audio technology do the rest.

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