Varicose Veins and Acupuncture

by Bob Williams
(Manila Philippines)

Hi Matthew,

I have been researching quite extensively for an answer to this question,'Can acupuncture remove varicose veins?" There seems to be a conflict of opinion.

My wife has had quite pronounced varicose veins in her right leg. She saw a surgeon who advised removal. She doesn't want surgery and it is too expensive here in the Philippines in our present financial situation.

Obviously, we would prefer non invasive natural treatment. Her previous treatment was yielding results but the practitioner moved from the area.

At present we are seeing a qualified acupuncturist in Manila. There is some improvement but between visits the veins seem to fill up again. Can there be a satisfactory result eventually?

Added to the treatment we are doing acupressure, massage and taking certain herbs. After googling info, I find it very confusing. Some say acupuncture doesn't work, some say herbal medicine doesn't work.

Your opinion and advice would be very much appreciated



Matthew's reply:

Hi Bob, through email I can only offer general advice. Yes, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can help with varicose veins, but each case is different and it depends on what else is going on with each person's health.

Often there are nutritional deficiencies or imbalances contributing to, even causing, varicose veins. Zinc and copper imbalances, for example.

Consuming too much sugar can also contribute to varicose veins. This means sugar in all its forms, including honey, fruit and fruit juice.

My best suggestions are:

1. If the current acupuncturist is helping, allow it to work by seeing out a course of treatment. The longer and more severe a condition the more treatment is needed.

2. Investigate possible nutritional causes of varicose veins. Don't rely on "Dr. Google" though. As you've discovered, there is a lot of conflicting health information online. There's a lot of wrong information online too. Instead go to and do a search for varicose veins.

All the best.

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