Few Tummy Exercises
Are This Simple...
Using Your Toes...in Bed!

Add this one to your tummy exercises routine. Called Toe Circles, it takes just ten minutes a day to do - five in the morning before you get up and five when you go to bed.

It can also be done on the floor. Check with your health professional first though before trying any new abs or stomach exercises, especially if you have a history of problems with your abdominal muscles, abdominal organs or lower back or you haven't exercised for some time. Also included below are links to additional exercises on this site for your abs and stomach. Together with some of the hip and thigh exercises on the site, they form an effective routine for toning, firming and strengthening your abs, waist, hips and thighs.

To lose excess weight overall, you may also need to do some kind of enjoyable, heart-pumping exercise or sport several times a week. Of course, what you eat and how you eat also plays a significant role in losing excess weight and maintaining a healthy weight. For 25 simple, practical Chinese dietary tips you can apply today get the Chinese Diet Report.

Toe Circles Tummy Exercise


1. Lie flat on your back (no pillow) with your arms by your sides.

Keep your hands palms down and your feet together.

2. Take a slow, deep breath.

As you exhale (through your nose or mouth) slowly and gently raise both feet about 6 inches (15cm) up off the bed/floor.

Keep your legs straight.

Point your toes and slowly move them around in a small circle in the air. Either clockwise or anti clockwise direction is okay.

Try and complete 2 or 3 circles as slowly and smoothly as you can.

3. Then, gently bring your feet back down to rest on the bed/floor.

Take a slow, deep breath or two.

Repeat the exercise, but this time move your feet in the opposite direction.

Even if you can only do one circle in each direction that's okay. Next time try and do two or three.

Alternatively, simply lift your straightened legs up a little, without trying to do any circles. As your abs strengthen try doing some circles.

With twice daily practice you will soon be able to do 10-12 circles in each direction.


  • Firms
  • Tones, and
  • Strengthens your abs & stomach area


  • Support your body by pressing your hands into the bed/floor
  • Protect your lower back by pressing it into the bed/floor while you're doing the circles
  • STOP if you feel any pain

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