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Matthew Scott - 41 years young; Australian, Chinese medicine practitioner since 1990, living in China since 2000

Matthew Scott wants YOU to take control of your physical, mental and emotional health through simple, highly beneficial, classic Chinese exercises and techniques like those below. Do the exercises and techniques regularly and as instructed and you will reap the benefits. To subscribe to Matthew's Holistic Exercises Blog and get important updates and additions to this site, click on the small orange button under the red navigation bar (below left). It's easy and it's free - you don't even need to supply your email address!

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

My son turned 20 yesterday. The day before his birthday he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome/ulcerative colitis from the results of his colonoscopy.

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Varicose Veins and Acupuncture

Hi Matthew, I have been researching quite extensively for an answer to this question,'Can acupuncture remove varicose veins? There seems to be a conflict

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Custom Nutrition Programs

Doing regular exercise is important but correct nutrition is even more important. Unfortunately, though, no matter how well you may be eating, food no longer provides all we need. Sadly, it has become necessary to take nutritional supplements.

My new website offers a way to find out exactly what supplements and foods you need according to your body type and state of health.

Once you give your body the right nutrition (fuel), its energy and vitality increases and this boosts your body's self healing power.

It is an amazing thing to experience greater health and vitality when you give your body the fuel it needs to function properly.

Find out more on my new site. The site is far from finished but there is enough there now for you to see what our custom nutrition programs are about and how they can help you.

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Tension Headaches

My daughter is suffering from tension headaches and I would like information on which of your exercises might be most beneficial. Matthew's reply: Hello,

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How to increase energy level effectively and naturally.

Breathing exercises, therapeutic foods & drinks & Chinese herbal tonics are time tested solutions for the extremely common how to increase energy level problem.

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Acupressure for
Extreme Hot Flashes

Is there anything i can do for my extreme hot flashes that I get on a daily basis? It is very bad and keeps me inside and has changed my social life.

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Extreme Hot Flashes"

White Rice, Obesity, Exercise

Hello Matthew, Greetings. I am an Indian who grew up in North India over a basic wheat diet and was slim and nimble because of it. I have been settled

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Low Back Pain

I have been having acupuncture for low back pain for almost a year now, some weeks once a week, some twice. I have had 13 back surgeries so my back is

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Best Antioxidant Foods?

What antioxidant foods will be helpful to someone with cardiovascular disease? Matthew's reply: One of the best antioxidant foods I recommend virtually

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The Value Of Dietary Supplements?

First Off. I'd love to compliment you on an amazing blog,web site and a very helpful tool for us here in the U.S.A and all over the world. My question

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So Many Exercises, Which Ones To Do?

Last time I counted there were over 100 different exercises and self-help techniques and tips on my websites. It's no wonder I get emails from people who feel overwhelmed and want to know how to start and which exercises they should do.

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Acupuncture For Sinus And Headache?

How many treatments would I need for terrible sinus and nasal pain? I always have swollen puffy eyes when I wake up and swelling around my sinus and nose

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How to Tone Stomach Without Putting Pressure on Knees?

I have bad knee joints (hyper-extensive) and have been told by physiotherapists that I should not do exercises such as squats or lunges which involve me

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Acupressure For Tics

Where are the acupressure points to relieve motor and vocal tics? Matthew's reply: Hi Danielle, thanks for your question. Actually, rather than trying

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Chinese Self Massage Techniques on Video

17 self massage techniques for pain, energy, stress, colds, flu and better overall health.

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Ab Wheel Side Effects

What are the side effects of using an Ab Roller Exercise Wheel especially in relation to back and spinal cord injuries? Matthew's reply: Hi Martin, when

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Belly Fat After Hysterectomy

I developed a belly after a hysterectomy, how can I reduce this as it is now 15 years old? Jill Matthew's reply: Hi Jill, for anyone with excess fat on

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How to Reduce Belly and Side Fat?

Sir, I'm a student and my schedule is very hectic...it becomes necessary for me to sit and work for more than 10 hours a day. This is one reason that my

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Add Fruit To Your Diet To Lose Belly Fat?

adding fruit to your diet can really help you lose belly fat - you can read more tips at www.losetummyfats.com. Matthew's reply: Hi Basiano, thanks

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Social Phobia, Face Flushes, Blushing

Is there a relaxation technique or something that will help with blushing a lot! I have bad social phobia and I'm always stressing. Matthew's reply: Hi

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Exercises For Low Back Pain

Program of traditional Chinese exercises for low back pain, low back strength, low back flexibility on video.

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