A Tiredness Remedy That
Instantly Boosts Your Energy

This super effective tiredness remedy is amazingly simple and takes just a few minutes to do. It's a classic breathing exercise that floods your system with energy-enhancing oxygen, while at the same time expelling energy-depleting stale air and impurities from your lungs. Called the Cleansing Breath or Bellows Breath, it's a natural energy booster that can be done virtually anywhere well ventilated and anytime you feel tired, run down and in need of some real energy. While this breathing exercise/tiredness remedy is safe, you should check with your health professional before trying it for the first time.

Instant Energy Tiredness Remedy


Usually done sitting but can also be done standing.

Emphasis is on forcefull exhalation through your mouth to clear your lungs of stale air and impurities.

1. Sit with your back straight somewhere outside that's not too windy or inside near an open window.

Place your hands on your knees.

Look straight ahead.

2. Immediately exhale forcefully through your MOUTH to empty your lungs. This should make a whooshing sound.

At the same time lean forward till your head is above your knees. This helps empty your lungs. Time it so that your lungs are empty as your head nears your knees.

As soon as you have expelled all the air from your lungs, slowly and smoothly start inhaling through your NOSE. At the same time begin sitting back up.

Fill your lungs no more than 1/2 full.

3. Time your breathing so that you finish inhaling and are back in the upright position at the same time. That's one round.

Immediately begin another round. Do 10-12 rounds to begin, then take some slow, deep breaths through your nose to balance your breathing. Build up to 25-30 rounds in a session.

OR do 3 sets of 10-12 rounds and in between each set and after the final one, take a couple of slow, deep breaths through your nose to balance your breathing.


  • Expels stale air & impurities from your lungs and
  • Floods your system with fresh oxygen, which
  • Energizes you and
  • Balances your emotions


  • Try this tiredness remedy first thing in the morning to wake you up, and also
  • Do it anytime you feel tired, chronically fatigued or stressed
  • If you feel dizzy, STOP, take some slow, deep breaths & try again later

This tiredness remedy will certainly help you, however if, for instance, you're in a job you hate that makes you constantly tired and stressed (an extremely common situation), then clearly you need to make some changes in this area of your life - otherwise the above method is just a bandaid and you may be on track for some major health problems. Or, maybe you're tired and stressed from not having a job?

Either way, what kind of job would make you feel energized and alive? Such work does exist - you might have to retrain, or update your skills, or perhaps you can make use of your existing knowledge or experience and sell what you know. If you're a working mother, or a mother who wants to work, maybe you can be a work at home mum. Bottom line - if your job or some other part of your life isn't making you feel good most of the time, when it really ought to, then change it!

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