Tight Sore Ligaments Muscles
and Joints From Exercising
Working and Other Activities

For tight sore ligaments muscles and joints due to exercising, sports, work, old age and the rigors of daily living, Chinese people use herbal liniments and oils. These are cheap, effective, time-tested ways to relieve and prevent a wide range of acute and chronic aches and pains, and other common ailments. This writer has been using Chinese liniments and oils personally since 1985 and professionally since 1990 for:

  • Sore muscles from exercise, e.g. for overcoming muscle soreness from jogging, surfing, tennis, golf & other sports
  • Treating strained muscles, e.g. back, shoulder & forearm muscles
  • Muscle cramps & muscle spasms
  • Sore hip joints and muscles
  • Rheumatic & arthritic aches & pains
  • Chronic stiff neck & as a back spasm remedy
  • As a headache pain remedy
  • For treating a stuffy nose due to colds, flu & sinusitis
  • As a remedy for insect bites & stings

  • As a preventative before & after sports & other physical activities, & more

Pictured below are two well-known and highly recommended Chinese liniments. While each one is slightly different in terms of ingredients, their common, overall function is to activate blood circulation and relieve pain.

They are usually applied several times a day to the affected area (2 or 3 drops is enough) and gently rubbed in for several minutes, using a circular motion. These products are for external use only and shouldn't be applied to wounds or damaged skin, or to the abdomen during pregnancy.

Liniments for Tight Sore Ligaments Muscles Joints and More!

1. Woodlock Oil: For muscular aches, pains and strains, stiff joints, pain from arthritis, sports injuries and tension headaches.

2. White Flower Oil: For sprained joints, strained muscles, joint aches and pains due to backache and arthritis; headache, stiff neck, bruises, sinus congestion, stuffy nose, insect bites and stings.

While both liniments are excellent for tight sore ligaments muscles joints, etc, this author prefers Woodlock Oil in such cases, and White Flower Oil for nasal congestion, tension headaches and insect bites. Both are an indispensable remedy and preventative for use at home, at work, before and after exercising and when traveling.

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