The Forward Lunge:
A Thigh Stretching Exercise
That Loosens and Strengthens

The Forward Lunge is a superb thigh stretching exercise that also strengthens your lower back, legs and ankles and opens important energy channels from your spine to your feet.

Do the Forward Lunge as a warm up exercise before sports or as part of your hamstring stretches routine, or on its own as an effective strengthening exercise for your legs, knees and ankles.

The Forward Lunge is safe and easy to do, however you should check with your health professional before trying it or any other leg or thigh exercises, particularly if you have a history of problems in these areas, or you haven't exercised for some time. Also included below are links to other leg and thigh stretching exercises on this site.

Forward Lunge - Thigh Exercise


1. The starting position for this exercise is standing with your feet parallel and fairly close together.

Hang your arms loosely by your sides.

Bend your legs slightly and sink your weight into them.

Look at the floor a metre (3 feet) or so in front of you.

2. Put your hands on your hips for balance.

Take a fairly big step forward with your right foot.

As you lunge forward, your left foot will automatically rise up onto its toes. Slide it back behind you until your legs are well spread.

Gently lower your body till your right thigh is parallel to the ground, your right lower leg is vertical and your left knee is just above the ground.

3. Use your legs to gently and repeatedly raise your body straight up(30cm/12 inches or so) then lower it.

Keep your back straight, try not to rock from side to side or front to back and don't let your left knee hit the ground.

Do 10 or 12 repetitions to begin.

4. Stand up by placing your hands one on top of the other on your right thigh just above your knee. Lean forward and gently push yourself up, while at the same time sliding your left foot forward.

Take one or two slow, deep breaths, then repeat the exercise with your left foot forward.

Build up to 25-30 repetitions with each leg, or do 2 or 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions, alternating from leg to leg.


  • Stretches & strengthens your thighs, knees, ankles & low back
  • Improves your balance
  • Opens vital energy channels from your spine to your feet


  • Do it gently & smoothly
  • Breath in as you lower your body & out as you raise it
  • Stop if you feel any pain

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