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Matthew, those pain relief patches you recommended are a godsend. Whatever I say about them is not good enough. I have chronic back deterioration - a patch applied to the sore spot gives instant relief. I've told my friends about the relief I get. When I went to my supplier for more patches, I found they had sold all their stock - turns out my friends all bought some too. I always like to keep some on hand - just can't get by without them. Thank you!

Rita Battle, Australia

Thank you for all that you offer on your website. I think it's totally amazing and I'm so grateful. Doing the breathing exercises with focus (as you said to do so) on my breathing, I wasn't counting how many rounds I was doing and when I'd finished I felt like I'd been meditating..it was a wonderful feeling that kept with me all evening and I slept well too. Tiger Balm works absolutely brilliantly, felt relief immediately. Your site has so much to learn and absorb and I appreciate been guided to you and it.

Thank you again Matthew, I'll keep in touch from time to time and let you know how it's going.

Linda Jung, France

Hello, Mr Scott. I wanted to say that I have enjoyed your programs very much and I feel that the long life exercise program has given me a great foundation for personal health.

Matthew Giliberto, United States

I am a personal trainer in South Africa. I came across your site and I was very excited. Your techniques are powerful. Thank you for bringing this information to the fore. Thanks,

Martin Bernstein, South Africa

Hello Matthew: Thank you for this wonderful site! I came across your site within the past year and I love it. I use some of the exercises regularly and they are great. Yours in successful everyday living,

Paul Ragusa, United States

Thanks Matthew, I am really enjoying the exercises and feel so much better. I am surprised at how energized I feel after doing the regular long life exercise program. And I only do half the amount I am suppose to. Your website is top notch. I have already recommended it to my yoga teacher.

Tina Andrews, United States

I have been struggling with a sacral/lumbar irritation/strain and not until I happened upon your web site and tried your exercises - Back Twist, Back Arch, and Anal Lock - did I have relief and immediately! I am a tennis player/golfer and personal trainer and was very discouraged. Thank You!!

Lynn Braunewell, United States

Hello Matthew...I purchased your program and everything went smoothly with PayPal. After downloading part of your program I must say that I am impressed. This is a great value you have provided! Along with the PDF manuals, these exercises are easy to learn and thank you for providing the ability to download the videos to my PC. I look forward to implementing the exercises in a daily routine. Best Wishes to you and your family,

Dan Walton, Washington State, USA

Hi Matthew, I recently sustained some lower back injuries from martial arts training and found that your exercises were excellent for recovery. I found the Back Twist, Back Arch, Leg Stretch and Lumbar Rub very effective. Thank you very much for the exercises.

Jason Tan, Australia

Thank you Matthew! I visited your website and it is AMAZING! I am fascinated with Chinese Traditional and Oriental Medicine philosophy and the techniques for relaxation and the exercises that you teach are awesome. I thank GOD for leading me to your amazing and extremely helpful/educational website. Thank you again for your great help and concern.

Marina Chakhalyan, United States

I don't think I have ever come across a vendor on the net or elsewhere who has been so polite and helpful. I don't know you nor you I but you have treated me as a friend. I doubt we will ever meet but you will be a friend in my mind anyway. Sincere regards, I repeat we are so grateful. Thank you,

Fred and Sylvia Jennings, United Kingdom

Purchasers of the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program

I had low back pain (L3-4) for three mths. Went to a chiropractor for six visits. Pain gone but came back about one mth later. Did exercises 4 & 5 for about 15-20 minutes and NO JOKE the pain was gone next morning. Did a 500 mile motorcycle ride for three days, two days later. It's like I never had the L3-4 pain ever. Brother does acupuncture... called to tell him... YOU SHOULD HAVE THESE EXERCISES FROM THIS SITE. Thanks,

George Harbour, Jr, United States

Matthew, wonderful site, full of knowledge, you are doing great service to society. Exercises start showing results immediately.

Ennbee, India

Matthew, thank you for this wonderful information. I have had a nasty sinus infection and am very grateful for the advice given, but especially the face massage/exercises. Very best wishes,

Patsy Miranda, United Kingdom

All of the techniques on this website are wonderful! This has helped me to relax and feel better physically and emotionally... thank you!

Diane Jackson, United States

Hi Matthew, I want to thank you for the amazing stuff on your website. I'm sure you've saved many people's lives and helped many others turn around their lifestyles. I added your website to MyYahoo, GoogleReader and Google Home page, "GreatNews"reader :-) Thank you so much again for sharing Chinese wisdom.

Zal Lazkovich, Canada

The whole web site is very informative... very good illustrations. The exercises are indeed simple to do... I am particularly interested in the exercises for the waistline as I have a bit to lose around my waist.

Rani Joseph, New Zealand

I'm addicted to your website and I congratulate you on helping me with your exercises...it has sped my recovery 100%. I'll be spreading the word on your site to all my colleagues. Could you please give me some advice on looking a little further into this field, as I am amazed by your site. Thank you for all the free info, this will change my life. Respect and regards,

Steve Elward, United Kingdom

I love your website, I will be using it on regular basis. I woke up with a stiff neck this morning and your pressure point exercises helped tremendously. Thank you!

Jane Beals, Canada

I wanted to thank you for the neck exercise recommendations. I have been struggling with chronic neck pain in the 5th and 6th neck vertebrae for over 15 years.

Michael L, South Korea

I have just been visiting your great and inspiring website where I found lots of useful information.

Per Hedberg, Sweden

Great website! I tried some of the exercises... Forward-Backward Bend, Arm Circles, Neck Rotation and Fatigue Remedy. Two words: THEY WORK!

Eric Olsen, United States

Great Exercise Site. If you are looking for a site that teaches exercises, you can't do better than this one. The writer is a medical practitioner who brings both personal experience and professional knowledge to his site. Step by step photographs support clear explanations for every exercise. Anyone can do these exercises anywhere without special equipment or gym memberships. My favorite? The ab exercise I can do in bed.

Website review on Alexa.com by Audrey Owen, Canada

Hi Matthew, simply want to thank you for your generosity and sharing of your knowledge. I surfed loads of commercial sites before happily discovering yours, and having regained my health recently after illness, this work will help me on the path to a fitter and healthier me. Thank you so much. Best wishes,

Jules Seed, United Kingdom

I just want to commend you on putting together a great site! It is very informative and the step-by-step way you introduce the different techniques is wonderful...Thanks again for your magnificent works and keep on keeping on! Love and Light,

Cashonda Harris, United States

Thanks so much for your website! The information is well-organized and the photos are great! I teach a workshop for caregivers who work with the elderly and this is just what i was looking for.

CM, United States

Dear Matthew, Thank you for your wonderful site! I am so glad I found it... a thousand blessings!

Abra, United States

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