Self Massage and Stretching
For Kid /Teen Students

This article introduces simple, effective techniques like self-massage and stretching for kid/teen students.

Why do young students need such methods - aren't they naturally flexible and relatively free of health problems?

Yes they are, compared to most adults.

However, certain problems like back, neck and shoulder pain, sore eyes, headaches and stress start to occur once they begin spending lots of time sitting at desks and computers and carrying heavy book bags, etc, and less time exercising and playing outside.

While the below exercises and techniques effectively relieve such problems, ultimately they work best as preventatives - if you do them regularly.

Stretching for Kids/Teens

Note: These are not stretching exercises for kids and teenagers only - they are equally suitable and effective for adults.

For students and others who sit at desks and computers for hours every day, it's important to stop every 30 or so minutes for at least 5 minutes, to stretch and loosen your body, and circulate your blood. One of the most highly beneficial exercises for your whole spine is the Back Twist. This classic Chinese exercise loosens and limbers your back, shoulders and hips, all of which become tense and tight if you sit for too long. Spend a couple of minutes doing the Back Twist, then do these 2 other back exercises... the Back Arch and the Upper Back Loosener and you will effectively loosen and limber your whole back.

Massage & Acupressure

These massage and acupressure techniques work exceptionally well on their own or in combination with the above stretching exercises. The first is the Face Rub, for stress and headache. Close your eyes. Rub your hands together to warm them up. Use your fingertips to slowly and smoothly rub from your chin, up the sides of your nose, between your eyes, across your forehead to the sides, and back down in front of your ears to your chin. Repeat at least 20-30 times.

For sore eyes do the Eye Roll & Rub and for a stiff, aching lower back the Lumbar Rub is highly recommended. If you suffer from stiff neck and shoulders, doing the Neck Twist + Acupressure along with the above back exercises will provide good relief.

While there are other good stretching exercises for kids and teens on this site, it is recommended that you start with above three, along with the suggested massage and acupressure techniques.

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