Simple, Effective Strengthening and
Stretching Exercises For The Workplace

These classic Chinese strengthening and stretching exercises for the workplace can be adapted to suit virtually any work situation. Whether you work at a desk or in a factory, inside or outside, sitting or standing, lifting or typing, the benefits are the same. They can be used as office desk stretches, for stretching before work, during work, or as general strengthening and stretching exercises in the workplace. The exercises and techniques have been organized according to the body area or part which they primarily benefit.

Regularly doing some or all of these exercises will:

  • Stretch & strengthen your muscles & joints
  • Ease pain & stiffness
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Relieve sore, tired eyes & headache
  • Energize & relax
  • Improve your work performance
  • While all the exercises and techniques on this site are safe to do, you should check with your health professional first before starting or changing any exercise routine.

    Facial Exercises

    Eye Roll & Rub: Stretches & strengthens the muscles controlling your eyes; improves local blood flow; relieves sore, tired eyes.
    Face Acupressure & Massage: Enhances blood flow around your eyes, relieves sore, tired eyes, headache, blocked nose, insomnia & stress.

    Back & Neck Exercises

    Back Twist: Loosens & limbers your back, neck & hips; aligns your vertebrae; enhances blood flow.
    Back Arch: Stretches & strengthens your back & neck; relieves pain & stiffness.
    Forward Backward Bend Stretches & strengthens the front AND back of your body from head to toe; encourages blood flow to your face & head; a great energizer AND relaxer!
    Upper Back Loosener: Loosens your upper back & shoulders; a chronically tense area for many people.
    Neck Twist: Loosens & limbers your neck & shoulders; relieves stiff neck & associated headaches.

    Leg Exercises

    Back Of Leg Stretch: Stretches your hamstring & calf muscles to relieve leg and low back pain; stimulates important energy meridians flowing from your spine to your feet.
    Thigh Burner: Stretches & strengthens your inner thighs, lower back & pelvic region; balances the leg stretch, above.
    Forward Lunge: Stretches & strengthens your front & outer thighs, low back, knees & ankles; balances the effects of the back of leg stretch, above.

    Ankle & Feet Exercises

    Ankle Stretch & Roll: Stretches & strengthens your ankles & surrounding tendons & ligaments; stimulates important energy channels & boosts blood flow in your lower legs & feet.
    Acupressure For Feet: The soles of the feet contain pressure points & reflexology areas corresponding to major body parts & areas. Massaging your feet is relaxing, energizing and highly therapeutic.

    It is recommended that you try all the above stretching exercises for the workplace to see which one(s) best suit your particular work situation and health condition. To request additional strengthening & stretching exercises for the workplace, please use the contact form on this page.

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