Warm Up, Massage and
Stretching Exercises For Martial Arts

This section contains warm up, massage, strengthening and stretching exercises for martial arts.

They are for general use, however, as there are so many styles of martial arts and some require very specific stretching and strengthening exercises, for example in order to perform dynamic actions like high kicks.

Use the exercises and techniques, below, to effectively:

  • Loosen & limber major muscle groups & joints
  • Enhance qi (vital energy) & blood circulation
  • Strengthen your back & legs
  • Calm & focus your mind
  • Help prevent injury
  • Cool down after a training session

All the exercises are safe, however check with your health professional or martial arts instructor before trying any new exercises or techniques.

Warm Up Exercises

Back Twist: Enhances qi & blood circulation; loosens & limbers your neck, back, hips & waist; aligns your vertebrae; stimulates your abdominal organs.
Back Arch: Stretches & loosens your back, neck & pelvic region; stimulates blood & energy circulation in these areas.
Abdominal Lift: Gives your abdominal organs an invigorating massage; enhances blood circulation; firms & tones your abs & stomach.
Hip Swivel: Loosens & limbers your hips, lower back & pelvic region; boosts qi & blood circulation in the area.
Thigh Burner: A traditional strengthening & stretching exercise for martial arts that warms you up & makes you sweat; targets your thighs, lower back & pelvic region; stimulates qi & blood circulation in the area.

Stretching & Strengthening Exercises:

In addition to the Back Twist, Back Arch and Thigh Burner above, the following are excellent, general, strengthening and stretching exercises for martial arts:

Forward Lunge: Stretches & strengthens your thighs, knees, ankles & lower back.
Forward Backward Bend: Another traditional strengthening & stretching exercise for martial arts; a superb whole body exercise that targets your back, legs & abdominals & enhances blood flow to your head & face.
Ankle Stretch & Roll: Stretches & strengthens your ankles & supporting tendons & ligaments; enhances local blood flow; stimulates important energy channels in your lower legs & feet.

Acupressure & Massage Techniques

These acupressure and massage techniques compliment the above strengthening & stretching exercises for martial arts.

Abdominal Rub: The abdomen contains an important energy centre. Massage here boosts energy & blood flow & stimulates digestion. Do it as part of your warm up and/or cool down.
Lumbar Rub: The lower back region houses your kidneys...regarded in Chinese medicine as THE most important organ. Massage here warms & stimulates your kidneys. Useful for lower back & sacral pain. Do it before and/or after your training session.
Acupressure For Feet: Massaging the soles of your feet stimulates reflexology areas corresponding to your organs & body parts; a relaxing self therapy best done after a training session or at night before bed.

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