Abs & Stomach Massage
Tones, Strengthens and Stimulates!

Regular abdominal and stomach massage tones and strengthens your entire abdominal and stomach region, enhances digestion and stimulates your bowels. According to traditional Chinese medicine (a complete medical system which has developed continuously over at least 2500 years) the abdomen houses an important energy centre, therefore massaging this area also energizes your body.

Abdominal massage can be incorporated into your regular abs exercise routine, or done on its own first thing in the morning as a before breakfast boost. A gentle belly massage is also a goodremedy for over eating, indigestion, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Massaging your stomach and abdomen is safe, however check with your health professional beforetrying it, especially if you have a history of problems in this area or you haven't exercised for sometime.

Abs & Stomach Massage


1. Stand with your feet parallel and about shoulder width apart.

Slightly bend your legs and sink your weight down into them.

Keep your back straight.

Or, sit on a firm but comfortable chair with your back straight.

Or, lie down on your back in bed or on the floor.

Either take your top off or pull it up so that your stomach and abdominal area is bare.

2. Rub your hands together briskly until they are hot.

Immediately place them, one on top of the other, just below your bellybutton.

Using your palm and fingers rub in small, clockwise circles around your belly button, i.e. following the path of your colon.

Use fairly firm pressure, but not so much that it's uncomfortable.

Rub in small circles at first. Gradually make them bigger, so that eventually you are massaging your entire abdominal and stomach area.

Focus your attention on the heat penetrating your abdomen.

Do 40-50 circles or simply massage for several minutes, once or twice a day.

When you've finished cover the area immediately to keep it warm.


  • Tones & strengthens your abs
  • Invigorates your abdominal organs
  • Enhances blood circulation in the area
  • Stimulates sluggish digestion
  • Stimulates a vital energy centre
  • Remedy for indigestion & constipation


  • Empty your bladder first
  • If your hands are very cold, warm them in hot water first, then rub them together - never massage with cold hands!
  • Rub your abdomen after meals to enhance digestion & boost nutrient absorption
  • Note: To help stop diarrhea, reverse the rubbing direction, i.e. rub in counterclockwise circles around your abdomen

Massaging your stomach and abdomen daily is a highly recommended Chinese health exercise. For greater benefits, combine it with one or more of these other abdominal exercises:

Abdominal Lift
Toe Circles
Forward Backward Bend
Ab Breathing Exercise
Back Twist

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