Social Phobia, Face Flushes, Blushing

by Liz
(Davenport, Iowa)

Is there a relaxation technique or something that will help with blushing a lot! I have bad social phobia and I'm always stressing.

Matthew's reply: Hi Liz, for social phobia, stress, etc, there are some self-help techniques you can try. Two common ones, from the Chinese way of health, are acupressure and breathing exercises. These techniques are easy to learn and you can do them virtually anywhere, and without anyone knowing you are doing them.

Prevention is the best treatment though, so these techniques are best done at home each day and/or night, even when you are feeling good, so that you can hopefully stop the problem from returning.

You can learn both these relaxation techniques on video in a program called Acupressure and Breathing Exercises for Anxiety. The program includes diet and lifestyle advice for anxiety, stress, etc.

Any questions about how these techniques can stop social phobia, face flushing, blushing, etc, or about the program just post below.

All the best,


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