Chinese Self Massage Techniques

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Follow the video order from top to bottom.

Refer to the program notes for full instructions, benefits and tips.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader (a free program) installed on your computer in order to open and view the notes. You can get it here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

1. Forehead Rub


2. Temple Rub


3. Nose Rub


4. Head Pressure Point GB20


5. Neck & Shoulder Pinch


6. Arm Pressure Point PE6


7. Arm Pressure Point HT7


8. Hand Pressure Point CO4


9. Lumbar Rub


10. Abdominal Rub


11. Leg Pressure Point ST36


12. Leg Pressure Point SP6


13. Foot Pressure Point LI3


14. Foot Pressure Point KI1


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