My Self Help Product List
From the Past 22 Years

I created this self help product list because every day I get emails from people asking what they can do for their health problems. I'm happy to help and I do so with advice about exercise and diet and perhaps seeing a herbalist or acupuncturist. But I can't help everyone, so...

...this list of self help products is to help YOU help yourself.

Over the past 22 years I have used dozens of natural health products. Some, like Chinese herbal medicine, I prescribed to my patients in Australia. Many others, though, are self help tools I recommend to people so they can take better control of their health and reduce their need for professional help. After all it's your body and you can do more for it than anyone.

This is the first time I have published a self help product list - a list of products I actually use myself. The photos on this page show some of the self help products currently in my home. Most are inexpensive, especially considering you can use them to help yourself forever.

And except for the videos, which are offered only on this site, most can be found on One great feature of Amazon is it provides customer product reviews. I urge you to read the reviews to see what others are saying about the products I am recommending.

While most of the below products are directly related to the Chinese way of health a few are other products I also use. I believe the Chinese way of health is better than other health systems but it's not perfect. So I use other health products, tools and techniques too.

Let me know if you have questions about any of these self help products. I'll be happy to help.

Self Help Product List

Pain Relief Oils, Balms, Patches

These are all excellent products. I use them all at various times depending on what I need. Sometimes I use a certain one just because I like the smell. I always have one with me where ever I go - work, traveling, sports, etc.

1. Wood Lock Oil: Aching, sore muscles, muscle strains, stiff joints, pain from arthritis, sports injuries and tension headaches. Menthol smell.

2. White Flower Oil: As above plus sinus congestion, stuffy nose, insect bites and stings. Menthol smell.

3. Tiger Balm: As per 1 & 2. A thick paraffin-based balm, not an oil. Menthol smell. White version is cooling and good for hot, inflamed joints and in summer. Red version is warming and good in winter and for aches and pains related to cold and damp.

4. Po Sum On Oil: As per 1 & 2 plus good for tight shoulders and neck from stress. Peppermint smell.

5. Zheng Gu Shui Liniment: Excellent for bad sprains, deep bruising, damage to ligaments and joints and even simple bone fractures. Chinese herbal smell.

6. Salonpas Pain Patches: Stick directly on sore, stiff, painful muscles and joints. Good for continuous pain relief throughout a whole day or night. Products 1-5 are used several times or more a day. These patches may irritate sensitive skin so test first.

Health and Exercise Programs (Online Video)

My own range of self help products for improving overall physical, mental and emotional health and for problems like headache, stiff neck, insomnia and common cold. I created these programs but not the exercises - they were developed in China over many centuries by doctors, martial artists, taiqi and qigong practitioners, massage therapists and everyday people who exercise daily in the parks of China.

7. Chinese Long Life Exercise Program: A general exercise program for anyone who wants greater energy, strength, relaxation and emotional balance. Particularly recommended for men and women 40 and over.

8. Common Cold Program: This program has stopped me getting colds and flu for the past 5 years. And I live in crowded, polluted China where cold and flu outbreaks are frequent.

9. Stop Headache Program: Contains simple self help techniques Chinese people have used for over 2000 years to stop headaches. Stops headaches due to stress, fatigue, overwork, colds, menstruation and other factors.

10. Evening-Sleep Program: A 100% natural remedy for insomnia that gives you a sound sleep every night. Suitable for anyone who has trouble sleeping, i.e. unwinding at night, waking during the night, waking up feeling tired.

11. Neck Exercise Program: Ideal for office workers, students, drivers, athletes and anyone whose job or lifestyle creates tension and pain in their neck and upper back. I've used the techniques twice on myself to stop a painfully stiff neck from surfing.

12. Anxiety Program: Chinese people have done acupressure and breathing exercises for over 2000 years to calm and relax themselves. This program stops anxiety, panic attacks and other emotional problems.

13. Waist Exercises: Targets all sides of your waist including your lower back, your hips and butt and your lower abdomen and belly.

Massage Tools, Brushes, Balls, etc

More great self help products to stop pain, improve blood flow and more.

14. Massage Hammer: There are many kinds. Easy way to massage stiff, sore muscles and body areas, and to stimulate specific pressure points. For self-use or on others. Use together with one of the above products (1-6) for greater pain relief.

15. Electric Massage Hammer: As above but a powerful vibrating effect. Feels great on tight shoulders, upper and lower back, hips and calves. For self-use or on others. Use together with one of the above products (1-6) for greater pain relief.

16. Wooden Comb: Also many kinds. Stimulates blood circulation in your scalp and head. Highly invigorating.

17. Hand Health Balls: Improve hand dexterity and coordination. Highly recommended for musicians, writers, surgeons and anyone whose hands and fingers need to be in top condition.

18. Hand-Wrist Strengthener: Easy way to strengthen hands, fingers and wrists. Different sizes available so you can gradually build strength.

19. Skin Brush: Dry skin brushing is a quick, easy way to improve skin tone and texture, eliminate toxins and a lot more. Get a brush then see my Skin Brushing Report (Articles section) for how to do it.

Food, Drinks

These are just 2 examples of self help products you can add to your diet to boost health and vitality.

20. Goji Berries
Traditional Chinese super tonic. I've tried many and love Dr. Ben Kim's. Add them to soups, stews and herbal teas or eat by the handful. 100% organic.

21. Green Tea: Many kinds. For centuries the number one health beverage in China and other Asian countries. Organic best.


If you want to know more about the Chinese way of health these books are some of the best.

22. The Web That Has No Weaver : Understanding Chinese Medicine A well-known introduction to Chinese medicine. I've had my copy since 1987, my first year at acupuncture college. The current edition has a different cover.

23. The Tao of Healthy Eating: Topics include: traditional Chinese v modern Western diet, cholesterol, obesity, food allergies, chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, green tea, coffee and therapeutic recipes.

24. Chinese Self Massage Therapy: A safe, simple and highly effective therapy for a wide range of problems.

25. Guarding the Three Treasures: An excellent, practical book on traditional Chinese self-help therapies like diet, herbal remedies, breathing exercises and more.

26. The Art of Chi Kung: Simple, classic Chinese exercises for increasing energy, strength, libido, emotional balance and more.

27. Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Management: A comprehensive, easy to follow and proven approach to healthy weight control.

Other Self Help Products and Tools I Use

28. Ab Wheel: A simple device that firms, tones and strengthens your abs, belly and core.

29. Air Purifier: There are many kinds. I've had a small Amcor unit for about 5 years. It's perfect for the bedroom. Air purifiers are a must if you live in a city or near dust or pollen etc.

30. EFT: A quick, easy, modern version of traditional Chinese acupressure. For all kinds of emotional and physical problems.

31. Rebounder: Another great way to get fit especially if you have joint problems.

32. Laptop Table
One hour sitting at my computer makes my lower back sore. The day I got my table I laid on my bed using my laptop for 3 hours with no pain. This simple device lets you take all the pressure off your back as you work. An essential self help product for all laptop users with back or neck pain!

Once again any questions about any of these self help products just let me know.

To your health!

Matthew Scott

Taiping, China.

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