The Anal Lock Effectively Eases
Sacrum And Coccyx Pain

If you suffer from sacrum and coccyx pain, regularly applying the Anal Lock (or Pelvic Lock as it's sometimes known) offers safe, effective relief.

You already know how to do this exercise...the Anal Lock involves the same muscles you use to "hold on" when you need to go to the toilet but can't get there right away.

Rhythmically contracting, holding then releasing these muscles stimulates nerves and local blood flow, tones and strengthens your pelvic area and relieves pain in the sacrum and coccyx. This simple exercise can be done standing, sitting or lying down. Check with your health professional first though before trying the Anal Lock, especially if you have a history of problems in the lower back, sacral or coccyx region.

Anal Lock - For Sacrum & Coccyx Pain


The technique is the same regardless of the position you choose.

1. When you're ready to begin, gently contract your anal sphincter muscles - remember, these are the same muscles you use to "hold on" when you must go to the toilet but can't get there right away.

Hold the contraction as tightly as you can - without causing discomfort - for 10-12 seconds.

As you hold, feel the contraction in your sacral, pelvic and abdominal region.

Initially you may not feel all these areas tightening, however with practice and greater muscle control you will.

2. Gently release the contraction.

Take a slow, deep breath and exhale.

That's one round.

Do 3-5 rounds to begin.

Build up to 10-15 rounds or simply do the exercise for a couple of minutes, several times a day.


  • Stimulates nerves in the sacral & coccyx region
  • Tones & strengthens the pelvic area
  • Eases pain in the sacrum & coccyx
  • Tips

  • Do this exercise in bed before you get up & again at night
  • The Anal Lock can assist in the medical treatment of:

  • Pain in the sacrum area including sacral joints
  • Lumbar sacral strain & injuries
  • Sacral iliac pain
  • Coccyx injury, pain & bruises
  • The following exercises are also recommended for sacrum and coccyx pain involving the lower back, hips and buttocks. Try them all to see which ones are best for your particular condition.

    Back Twist
    Back Arch
    Forward-Backward Bend
    Lumbar & Sacrum Rub
    Thigh Burner

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