Relaxation Video Clip

If you are looking for a relaxation video clip here are two! These relaxation videos on line show two traditional Chinese methods to relieve stress and anxiety, calm your mind, improve sleep and relax you whenever you feel uptight or emotional. They are from the full program:

Acupressure & Breathing Exercises for Anxiety.

The first clip shows a classic breathing exercise. Breathing exercises are one of the easiest and best ways to relax. Why? Stress, irritability, frustration and other negative emotions make your breathing shallow, fast and irregular. When you're calm and relaxed though your breathing is slow, regular and deep. Therefore if you learn how to breath slowly, smoothly and deeply at all times and without consciously thinking about it you can control and ultimately prevent stress or whatever negative emotions you are prone to.

The second relaxation video clip shows you how to press and rub an acupressure point on the inside of your forearms. The point is often needled by acupuncturists to calm and relax the mind in people suffering from emotional and/or mental stress. Acupressure simply involves stimulating acupuncture points with your fingers.

Relaxation Video Clip 1 - Breathing Exercise


Time required: 5-15 minutes

Benefits: Calms and relaxes you; deepens and regulates your breathing; improves circulation of qi (vital energy) and blood.


Breathing instructions: All breathing is through your nose, slowly, smoothly and silently. On inhalation, gently push your abdomen out to ensure a complete and proper breath. On exhalation, let your abdomen move back in. Remember, your breathing should be slow, smooth and silent - don't force it. With practice you'll breathe this way without conscious effort.

1. Stand with your back straight and your feet parallel and about waist width apart. Slightly bend your legs and sink your weight into them. Drop your chin a little so that the back of your neck stretches slightly. Partially close your eyes and focus on a point on the ground about 2 metres (6 feet) in front of you. Cup your hands in front of your abdomen.

2. Inhale (see above breathing instructions) as you raise your body up a little and lift your arms to the sides. Flap your hands just like bird wings as you begin exhaling while sinking your body back down and bringing your hands down to meet in front of you. Immediately inhale and raise your body again as you this time lift your hands up in front of your body till they're above your head. Pause very briefly as the top, then exhale as your bring your arms back down past the sides of your body and once again cup your hands in front of your abdomen. That's one cycle. Repeat for at least 5 minutes initially and build up to 10-15 minutes - the longer the better.

Summary: Inhale slowly, smoothly and silently as you raise and expand your body; exhale slowly, smoothly and silently as you lower and contract your body. Keep the entire exercise gentle and fluid.

Tips: If you lose your breath at any stage, briefly stop, take some slow, deep breaths and continue; imagining you're doing the exercise under water gives you an idea of the slow, smooth, fluid movements required; be patient - with daily practice you will see (and feel) why this is an essential exercise; try to focus internally on what you're doing and not on external distractions - ear plugs and/or suitable background music may help; don't be concerned with time - just do it until you feel it's time to stop.

Relaxation Video Clip 2 - Acupressure


Time required: 2 minutes

Benefits: Calms your mind; strengthens your heart; boosts circulation.

How: The point is located on the inside of both forearms, two thumb widths (your thumbs) up from the skin crease that runs across the base of your wrist. The point lies between the two main tendons that run up your forearm. Measure the two thumb widths, then clench a fist to make the tendons appear, and mark the spot with a pen or your thumbnail. Relax your hand to press the point. Use the tip of your thumb, or nail, to press the point till you feel a comfortable pain. Hold the pressure as you knead the point in a very small circular motion for 1 minute. Gently release, then repeat the steps on your other arm.

Tips: Press this point anytime you need to relax; in times of stress do it 3-4 times a day; if the points are very tender ease off the pressure slightly.

As mentioned, each relaxation video clip is part of a complete program on this site. The program contains acupressure and breathing exercises for anxiety, stress and other emotional problems. These are time-tested, traditional Chinese ways to calm and relax yourself and balance your emotions. Find out more here.

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