Pulsating Pressure (no pain) on Top Right Side of Nose

by Brandon
(United States)

I have a continuous pulsating pressure (no pain at all) on the top of the right side of my nose this pressure seems to be connected to the corner of my right eye and the area above my right ear. Can acupressure relieve this?

Matthew's reply: Hi Brandon, have you had the problem checked by a doctor? Do you have sinus trouble? It may explain the pressure. Basically, there's only one way to find out if acupressure will relieve the pressure... give it a go. Acupressure is an easy and safe technique. Try pressing some of these facial acupressure points.

When you open the above link you'll see another link to a facial acupressure chart showing other acupressure points on the face. Some of these points may also relieve the pressure around your nose, eye, etc.

If your problem is related to sinus congestion you can try these sinus remedies.

Try the 2 acupressure points on the Sinus page anyway - they are excellent general points for most problems involving the head.

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I have the same pain
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same pain that was connected to the back of my ear. I was diagnosed with atypical neuralgia of the first trigeminal nerve.

Apparently, it is common to get a viral infection of the first trigeminal nerve that starts behind your ear and goes around your eye to the top side of the nose.

I believe I had shingles but never got diagnosed because I had no rash. No way to diagnose shingles without a rash. So, I went to see multiple doctors and then they said atypical neuralgia probably from a viral infection. If you don't take Valtrex at the start of nerve pain, viruses can permanently scar the nerve and this pain is permanent.

It has been 9 years and I still have this pain. Its bearable and you get used to it. Its unfortunate though and I sympathize for you. I forget what it is to live life without pain.

Matthew's reply: For pain (of virtually any kind) I strongly suggest you try auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture). In many cases it is better than regular acupuncture elsewhere on the body.

I am an acupuncturist and have always done regular body acupuncture for pain but now almost exclusively use auriculotherapy for pain, and other things. The acupuncture website Miridia can help you find an acupuncturist who does auriculotherapy. On the homepage click Community, then Find a Practitioner.

Any questions about auriculotherapy for pain let me know by posting here. Matthew

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