Physical Exercises For
Losing Weight: Here's One!

Looking for physical exercises for losing weight? This one's essential - before and after meals. It's one of the simplest and best exercises just for weight loss as it gets rid of excess belly fat and improves digestion and bowel movements - good digestion and regular bowels are vital for not only losing weight but keeping it off too. Even if you already have a tight, firm belly and abs you should still do this exercise before and after meals. Why? Because it massages and invigorates many internal organs - like your stomach, intestines, liver and spleen - which improves blood circulation, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste. These are benefits virtually everyone can use, regardless of the size and firmness of their belly.

The exercise takes just a few minutes each time and is easy to do. Below you'll find step by step instructions and a video clip showing you how to do it.

Physical Exercises for Losing Weight - the Ab Lift

Note: You'll see several reps only of the exercise (to minimize download time), so refer to the below notes for full instructions.


Time required: 2-3 minutes

Benefits: One of the best exercises just for weight loss - firms and tones your abdominal muscles and belly; massages your abdominal organs, and improves digestion, bowel movements and blood circulation.

How: Stand with your feet about waist width apart. Rest your hands on your legs just above your knees, fingers and thumbs facing inward. Exhale forcefully through your mouth to empty your lungs. Without inhaling, lower your chin towards your chest and use your abdominal muscles to lift your abdomen up and in towards your spine. Hold for 5-10 seconds then gently let your abdomen drop back into place. Raise your head as you inhale. That's one repetition. Do 3-5 ab lifts then stand and take some slow, deep breaths to balance your breathing.

Alternative: When lifting your abdomen, instead of holding it up for 5-10 seconds, rapidly lift and release it 10-20 times (without inhaling) to give your abdominal organs a more invigorating massage.

Tips: Wait at least 1 hour after eating before doing the Ab Lift; before meals is ideal as it prepares your digestive organs for food and stimulates your bowels; do 3-5 "lift & hold" versions, then rest for 30 seconds or so, then do 3-5 "rapid lift & release" versions to give your whole abdominal area a thorough workout; or lift and hold your abdomen for 5-10 seconds then just before you lower it, do some rapid releasing and lifting (without inhaling); once finished straighten up and take some slow, deep breaths to balance your breathing. Finally, if you're skeptical that the Ab Lift is one of the best physical exercises for losing weight, just try it before and after your next few meals - you should find your belly getting tighter and improved digestion and bowels.

Want more physical exercises for losing weight? The Ab Lift, above, is from the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program on downloadable video. The program offers many benefits, including help with weight loss and weight maintenance, toning and strengthening of muscles, better digestion, more energy and greater relaxation. It takes just 15-30 minutes to do and is the perfect home exercise system - no equipment, classes or training partners needed.

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