Nasal Polyps, Sinus, Allergies and Diet

by Kusum

I have nasal polyps, had them removed many times but they grow back - tried homeopathy, chinese herbal, many other. Is there anything you suggest? Still suffering from sinus and allergies.

Thanks, Kusum

Matthew's reply: Hi Kusum, it's hard to recommend specific things by email. You may have to adjust your diet. Polyps, in Chinese medicine, are often the result of underlying phlegm and dampness due to digestive imbalance and faulty diet. Unless you correct this no amount of surgery or other treatment will give lasting results, as you've found out.

You may need to stop eating (or at least reduce) foods like dairy, excess citrus fruits and fruit juices, which are all considered to be phlegm-producing and dampness-producing in Chinese medicine. There are other foods and drinks on this list too. A Chinese medicine practitioner will be able to give you more specific dietary advice after first doing a Chinese medical diagnosis. This cannot be done properly by email.

Chinese herbal medicine can also correct underlying digestive problems. Acupuncture may also help address underlying imbalances related to the problem. You can know that there are underlying internal imbalances because of the fact your nasal polyps keep growing back. The internal imbalances that lead to the formation of the polyps are still there – removing the polyps does not address the underlying internal imbalance in your body. Think of a diseased tree that grows bad fruit – cutting off the bad fruit makes the tree seem healthy but the disease inside the tree must also be treated.

While you will need professional help for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, there are some things you can try yourself like acupressure and sinus flushing. These are safe, easy techniques.

You didn’t mention where you live but to locate an acupuncturist try (Community/Find a Practitioner). These are acupuncturists who use Acugraph diagnostic equipment, which can quickly and accurately locate internal imbalances. Acupuncturists also often prescribe Chinese herbal medicine or can refer you to a herbalist.

Any questions or comments about diet, acupressure etc for nasal polyps and sinus post them below.

All the best,


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Acupuncture For Nasal Polyps
by: Ankush

I have nasal polyps and it only bothers me when the weather is changing, otherwise it does not bother me. I was told to get acupuncture done. What do you recommend and what about diet? What can I remove and add in to my diet to resolve this bad fruit off the tree? Thank you in advance.

Matthew's reply

In acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) each person is considered a unique individual in terms of their health.

This means that even though 2 people have the same problem, such as nasal polyps, they won't necessarily receive the same treatment, because we look at their whole health, not just the part of the body that is affected (such as the nose in cases of nasal polyps).

This also means that it's difficult to say that acupuncture will definitely help YOU. However, it is certainly worth trying if all else has failed or you choose not to have surgery (which by the way doesn't guarantee your nasal polyps won't return).

Look for an acupuncturist who uses the Acugraph digital diagnostic system by going to then Find A Practitioner. Acugraph is the modern, highly accurate way to do acupuncture nowadays.

Regarding diet, it will depend on your acupuncture diagnosis as, once again, each person is different.

Also, if you'd like to get in touch via my website Contact page I can email you an article about a very useful self-help method for nasal polyps and many other conditions.


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