Lower Back and Hip Pain Exercises?

by Cindy Brenna
(Red Deer, Alberta)

Hi Matthew,

A couple of days ago I was bending over with my knees bent and a sharp pain ran through my hips and back. Like the silly girl I am, I finished scrubbing the floor around my toilet and then got up. Well I can say now that I have seen a massage therapist and also a chiropractor and my back is a bit better but still very sore and stiff. The chiropractor told me not to use my back or even walk until Friday.

I have lived for most of my life with back and hip and neck problems and am scared of becoming so bad again that I am stuck in bed. I am hoping that you could tell me what exercises I should start with and kind of an order of how they should go so that I can get moving again soon. I have been able to be mobile since August and have lost 60 lbs since then, I want this to continue and I want to be able to live long and be healthy. Please help me put some order to your wonderful exercises and stretches and make a routine that will work for me.

Thanks so much,


Matthew's reply: Hi Cindy, thanks for contacting me. As for exercises for lower back and hip pain I suggest you start with 1 or 2 very easy ones like the lumbar rub and these gentle stretching exercises for the lower back (No.4 & 5).

As you are in pain right now it is important not to overdo it with too much or the wrong exercises. Also, it is not always easy via email to suggest the best exercises for each individual.

The above 3 exercises are very easy to do and should be a good start for you. The Lumbar Rub is a self-massage technique that I have used myself for over 20 years to ease and prevent problems with my lower back.

The 2 stretching exercises (remember it's No. 4 & 5 on the page) are done lying down so you should be able to do them without problem.

There are many other lower back and hip pain exercises on the site but, as mentioned, it's important to start with just a couple, then see how you go. Try them for a several days then let me know how you are going. You may even want to show them to your chiropractor to make sure they are suitable. After all he knows more about your particular problems than I do.

Any questions or comments just post them below.

All the best,


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by: Cindy

I just wanted to say thanks for the information, I will get to work on it right away and will let you know how I am feeling in a couple of days. Thanks again for answering my questions and giving me some help. Yours truly, Cindy

Hi Cindy, glad to help if I can. There is also another exercise you can try that gently stretches and loosens your spine and hips. This one you do standing. It is called the Back Arch. It is another exercise I do regularly to ease back pain, whether it is upper back and neck pain or lower back and hip pain.

All the best,


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