Exercise For Love Handles and Upper Arms

by Karla

1. This exercise takes a while but works. Take a play ball like a kids ball. Hold with both hands over your head. Lower ball over your head and squeeze hold while squeezing for 30 seconds. Do 10.

2. Take ball and place behind you near your waist and with both hands squeeze and hold for 30 seconds. Do 10. Great for arms too.

Matthew's reply: Thanks for posting, Karla. These are like isometric exercises. For those who don't know, isometric exercises are very effective at toning and strengthening. There are isometric exercises for virtually all body areas. You don't need weights or other equipment to do isometric exercises but you can use a towel (and other things) to create resistance, which strengthens the muscles.

For your arms hold a small towel tightly in your hands and pull on it. Depending on where you put your arms (out in front, to the side like you're pulling on a bow, up above your head, behind your back) you can effectively give your arms a very good workout. The basic idea is to get in position, pull the towel hard, hold for 5 or 6 seconds then release. Repeat a couple of times then go to the next exercise.

If anyone has questions or comments about the above exercises for love handles and upper arms, or isometric exercises, just post below. I am no expert in isometrics though, but there are some good websites devoted to it.

All the best,


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Love Handle Exercises

by Jan

What are the best love handle exercises?

Matthew's reply: Hi Jan, apart from doing a short, intensive cardio workout several times a week to burn off excess fat overall (like stair climbing, soft sand running or bike riding), 3 excellent exercises for love handles and the waist area in general are the abdominal lift, the back twist and side bends. You don't need any weights or equipment to do these, but just like a cardio workout, you should do them regularly. Obviously, you also need to consider your diet as it may need modifying. Minimizing stress and having a positive, happy attitude also plays a role in losing excess weight AND maintaining a healthy weight.

For an overall workout for your mid-section, including your abs, the sides of waist and your lower back see the waist exercises program. The program is on online video supported by an online printable instruction manual. If you have any questions about individual exercises or the program just post them below.

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