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Love handle exercises: how do I do them?
by: Anonymous

I would like to see the love handle exercises so i know how to do them.

Matthew's reply: Both the Abdominal Lift and Side Bends are part of this site's Chinese Long Life Exercise Program. For information about the program click the red "Programs-Videos" button on the site. All the exercises in the program are on downloadable video and include step-by-step written instructions. Any questions please let me know.

Side Bends
by: Anonymous

What exactly is the Side Bends Exercise? I haven't seen its demo anywhere on your site. I would love to have an idea about it.

Thank you.

Matthew's reply: Hi, thanks for asking about the side bends exercise. Actually, there are a couple of versions, an easy one and a more difficult one. The easy one is what you often see Chinese people doing in parks here in China, as part of their morning exercise routine.

1. Stand straight with feet about waist width apart and pointing straight ahead. Put your left hand on your left hip and hold your right arm straight up above your head.

2. Gently lean and bend your upper body to the left. Bend only as far as is comfortable and stop if there's any pain, especially anywhere in your lower spine. Raise back up to the upright position, then do a few more bends to the same side.

3. Repeat on the other side, i.e. with right hand on right hip and left arm pointing straight up above your head.

In traditional Chinese exercise there are exercises that work the spine in each direction - bending to the sides, as above, bending forwards, bending backwards, and rotating your spine. Having a flexible spine is very important, hence these kinds of exercises.

These are the kinds of exercises that make up the
Long Life Exercise Program which is on video. The program includes side bends (the more advanced version too), plus deep breathing exercises, acupressure and self-massage techniques. Overall, the program is for improvement of physical and emotional health.

Any questions about side bends or the long life exercise program let me know.


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