Long Life Exercise Program

Welcome to the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program, the main program for improving and maintaining your overall health.

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Follow the video order from top to bottom.

Each clip is small in file size (2-4mb) so, depending on your internet speed, they should quickly begin playing. Also, to minimize download time each clip shows, for example, 3 repetitions of an exercise, not all 10 or 15. Refer to the program notes for full instructions, benefits and tips.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader (a free program) installed on your computer in order to open and view the notes. You can get it here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this page).

1. Bellows Breath


2. Chest & Shoulder Loosener


3. Back Twist


4. Back Arch


5. Side Bends


6. Ab Lift


7. Lumbar Rub


8. Thigh Burner


9. Quarter Squat


10. Back Bow


11. Arm Pressure Point PE6


12. Hand Pressure Point CO4


13. Leg Pressure Point ST36


14. Eagle Breath


15. Ab Rub


Exercise and diet go hand-in-hand. Do the above program regularly AND follow the simple, practical advice in my Chinese Diet Report to further boost your health and vitality.

Any questions or concerns please let me know.