Powerful Leg and Knee Strengthening Exercises Using Your Body Weight

Knee strengthening exercises like Knee Circles strengthen your knees and legs by using your body weight as resistance. It is very common to see people young and old doing this knee exercise in parks in China. Do it together with the leg and knee strengthening exercises in this program and you will develop strong, flexible legs.

Having strong, flexible legs is important for upper body support and good balance. Doing regular leg stretching and strengthening exercises also stimulates vital nerve and energy channels from your spine to your toes. Check with your health professional though before trying any new leg or knee exercises, particularly if you have a history of problems in this area.

Knee Circles - Strengthen Your Knees and Ankles


1. Stand with your feet together.

Bend your legs and squat down slightly.

Put your hands on your knees so that your palms cover your kneecaps.

Keep your feet firmly on the ground and your eyes focused on your toes.

2. Slowly and gently begin moving your knees in small, clockwise circles.

Don't make the circles too big - keep your knees above your toes.

If your feet lift up, it means your knees are moving around too widely.

Do 10-15 circles then repeat in the other direction.

Build up to 25-30 circles in each direction, or simply do the exercise for a couple of minutes 2-3 times a day.


  • Strengthens your knees and ankles
  • Relieves pain and stiffness in your knee and ankle joints


  • Breathe slowly, deeply and evenly through your nose
  • Keep the exercise soft - Don't force it
  • Stop if you feel any pain

When done regularly Knee Circles is a great exercise to strengthen your knees and ankles. No weights are required other than your body weight. Knees Circles and 7 other leg and knee strengthening exercises are in this knee exercises program.

Like Knee Circles, the other exercises in the program are commonly done by people in China in parks, gardens and other outdoor areas as part of their daily exercise routine. If you have weak knees or are prone to knee injuries or knee pain try the program.

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