Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

by Paulette
(Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

My son turned 20 yesterday. The day before his birthday he was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome/ulcerative colitis from the results of his colonoscopy. The doctor says he will be on medication the rest of his life. He hasn't had any prior bleeding, no family history. He started having very bad bleeding from the rectum three weeks ago.

Four days prior to that diagnosis, he was going to swear in to the Marines. Now, with this diagnosis, he will be medically disqualified to ever join the military. Is there something that can help with the IBS discomfort? A drink or food? Thanks.

Matthew's reply:

Hi Paulette, I suggest that something can be done other than lifetime medication. You should know that this medication will most likely be just to manage the problem, not resolve it.

A deeper, more comprehensive approach will require more than just a drink or 1 particular food though.

People with IBS can over time heal their bowel and digestive tract through correct diet, specific nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes and other natural methods. Stress management is important as stress directly affects bowel and digestive function.

It's important to know the underlying causes of each person's problem (not everyone has exactly the same condition, despite the IBS label for everyone). Possible underlying causes are intestinal infections (yeast, fungal, bacterial, viral, parasitic), copper and zinc imbalances, toxic metals interfering with minerals needed for intestinal function, food allergies and others.

If you like I can send you an article expanding on the above. Go to my Contact page and let me know.


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