Practical, Interesting Health Articles

Below you'll find a range of practical, interesting health articles related to the traditional Chinese way of exercising and healing. These short health articles provide YOU with the knowledge to take control of your health and well-being. After all, you know your body best and can do more for it than anyone else can.

Interesting Health Articles - Green Tea: Chinese green tea is not just a drink - it has many uses and applications. Includes a list of green tea benefits and tips on how to make a cup of green tea.

Herbal Headache Remedies: Chinese herbal headache remedies are a safe, effective way to relieve and prevent many kinds of headaches.

Workout Routines for Toning, Strength & MUCH More: Traditional Chinese exercise routines aren't just for toning and strength - they ALSO sharpen your mind and balance your emotions.

Liniments for Tight, Sore Muscles & Joints: Chinese herbal liniments are a cheap and very effective way to relieve and prevent aches and pains due to exercising, working, traveling, old age and more.

Feng Shui for Home & Work: Improve your health, relationships and prosperity by balancing the energy flow in your home and office.

Benefit of Exercise - Chinese Style: The benefits of traditional Chinese exercises and techniques are numerous, and the older you get the more beneficial they become.

Garlic Benefits & Uses: Chinese people have utilized the power of garlic for thousands of years to boost immunity, kill germs and parasites, clean the blood, aid digestion, and much more.

Chinese Traditional Games: According to traditional Chinese longevity principles, playing games that are fun, relaxing and mentally challenging improves your mental health and helps slow the aging process.

Interesting Health Articles

Acupuncture and Low Back Pain: Acupuncture and low back pain - What happens? Where are the needles placed? How many treatments are needed? and more.

Acupuncture for Neck Pain: Acupuncture for acute and chronic neck pain is safe and generally very effective.

Physical Exercises for Losing Weight: This exercise is absolutely essential to help you lose excess belly fat. It also improves digestion and bowel movements - vital for losing weight and keeping it off.

Chinese Acupressure Points for Face: Improve blood flow to your head and face, relieve headache, blocked nose, sore eyes and more with facial acupressure.

Acupressure for Relieving Headaches: For at least 2000 years Chinese doctors, massage therapists and everyday people have been using acupressure to relieve headaches due to stress, tiredness, colds, menstruation and more.

Exercises for Toning Legs: These leg toning exercises firm, tone, stretch and strengthen your legs from your thighs to your ankles.

Stretching Exercises for Kids/Teens: For young students who spend a lot of time sitting at desks and computers and who get back/neck pain, sore eyes and headaches. Includes self-massage techniques.

Slow Digestion Remedies: Includes 3 classic Chinese exercises that improve digestion, and traditional Chinese dietary advice on eating for optimum digestion and overall health.

Water and How Much to Drink: Outlines the drinking of water - how much to drink and the effects of drinking too much from the Chinese medicine viewpoint.

More, Interesting Health Articles

Acupuncture FAQ: Answers to acupuncture frequently asked questions - What's acupuncture good for? Does it hurt? How many treatments do I need? and more.

Chinese Medicine Introductory: What is qi? How do traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Western medicine differ? What happens when you visit a TCM doctor, and more.

Chinese Herbal Medicine FAQ: Answers to Chinese herbal medicine frequently asked questions - What's Chinese herbal medicine good for? How long do I need to take it? How do I find a herbalist? and more.

What is Ginseng Used For? To boost energy, memory, immunity and libido, but it's NOT suitable for everyone.

Exercise Videos Online: For strength, toning, energy, weight loss, sleep, relaxation and relieving and preventing common health problems.

Tai Chi Warm Up Exercises: Prepare for and improve your Tai Chi sessions with these stretching and warm up exercises.

Stretch for Stress Relief: Relieve and prevent stress with these traditional Chinese neck and back stretches.

Relaxation Video Clips: Learn a classic breathing exercise and how to press and rub a common acupressure point to relax yourself.

Stress Relief Herbal Formulas: Traditional Chinese Medicine offers natural stress relief herbs and stress relief herbal formulas that have been time-tested over many centuries for efficacy and safety.

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