How to Tone Stomach Without Putting Pressure on Knees?

by Molly

I have bad knee joints (hyper-extensive) and have been told by physiotherapists that I should not do exercises such as squats or lunges which involve me putting a lot of weight on my knees. I was just wondering if you have any ideas on what toning exercise I could do to help my stomach area? Thank you very much for your help, Molly.

Matthew's reply: Hi Molly, thanks for your question. To tone your stomach without putting pressure on your knees you could try using an exercise ball (also called stability ball, balance ball, swiss ball and a number of other names). If you've never heard of these before they are simply large, heavy duty rubber balls that you inflate with a pump and lie on or sit on to do a wide range of exercises. There is virtually no pressure placed on the knees. There are a number of different exercises you can do to tone and strengthen the core section of your body (waist, abs, lower back region). You will have no trouble finding more information about exercise balls on the Internet and any large sports store should stock them. You may want to check with one of the physios too, just to make sure you won't be doing anything to aggravate your problem. I'd be surprised if they don't already know about exercise balls.

All the best,


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