How to Stop Palpitations?

by Navin
(New Delhi, India)

How to get rid of palpitations?

Matthew's reply: Navin, I suggest you try acupressure and breathing exercises to stop palpitations, especially if the problem is due to anxiety, stress, worry or overwork. In other words if you have some kind of emotional stress in your life and/or you overwork or are often tired then acupressure and breathing exercises can work wonders.

Two programs on this site that can help you are the Anxiety Program, via above link, and Long Life Exercise Program, see below post on stress and heart palpitations.

If your palpitations are in fact due to stress, overwork etc, then it is important that you also address these imbalances in your life. Any further questions about how to stop palpitations or about acupressure and breathing exercises just post below.

All the best,


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Stress and Heart Palpitations

by Jerome
(United States)

I am having heart palpitations and it comes from stress. I seem to over work myself, not get enough rest and do not give my body time to recover from everything I do. What advice can you give me?

Matthew's reply: Hi Jerome, as a new buyer of the Chinese Long Life Exercise Program I encourage you to get started with the program as soon as possible. The program contains quite a few exercises and techniques that will help you manage stress. If you don't have time to do it all in one go, break it up into 15-20 minute sessions - one as soon as you get up (a great time to exercise as it sets the tone for the rest of the day) and one in the afternoon or evening.

It is essential that you not overwork yourself and get adequate sleeping time. Our bodies like regularity - regular meal times, work times and sleep times in particular, so try to stick to set times for these.

I encourage all followers of the Long Life Exercise Program to add other exercises from the website, to better match their specific health situation. Acupressure is helpful for stress as are breathing exercises, so you can add more of these kinds of techniques to the program if you wish (see Anxiety-Stress section).

Diet of course also plays a major role in overall good health. When you access the Long Life Program you'll see a link near the bottom of the page for my Chinese Diet Report. That will give you some simple, practical tips for improving diet and digestion, if needed.

Any further questions feel free to post them here.



Reply from Jerome: I am amazed how quickly the acupressure heart was pounding for the past week and then it just stopped after using your methods...thanks again. For the past 2 nights I have finally been able to sleep the whole night instead of waking up 2 and 3 times in the middle of the night. I'm going to try to view the CLLP ( Chinese Long Life Exercise Program ) at least 3 times a week and make it a part of my workout routine...thanks and please keep doing what u do...

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