How to Reduce Belly and Side Fat?

by Sameeksha

Sir, I'm a student and my schedule is very becomes necessary for me to sit and work for more than 10 hours a day. This is one reason that my belly fat, hip fat and side fat is increasing. My main problem is the flab on the sides and fat on the hip. How can i reduce them without disturbing much of my schedule? My current weight is 54 kgs. I want to reduce at least 5-6 kgs...please help....

Matthew's reply: Hi Sameeksha, two things will help you...correct diet and exercise. You need to reduce stodgy foods that tend to cause excess weight and flab...white bread, white rice, pasta, cakes, etc, and also sweets and sugary drinks. For more, general dietary tips see my Chinese Diet Report.

As for exercise, I know you say you are busy but you must find time for regular exercise! You will not lose excess weight and tone up flabby areas unless you start exercising 3-4 times a week, for around 20 minutes each time.

You need to do exercise that gets your heart pumping to burn off excess fat. Do exercise that you enjoy or you will not continue very long. You don't have to go to gym or join an exercise class - try walking or running up stairs or hills, bike riding, skipping, etc.

In addition to doing general exercise to get your heart pumping, there are exercises on this site that target specific areas like the abs and sides of your waist. For example see the Hips-Thighs section.

Included in that section is a link to a program of waist exercises which tone and firm all sides of your mid-section.

All the best and if you have questions or comments about anything above, just post below.


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