Chinese Herbal
Headache Remedies

Chinese herbal headache remedies are a safe, effective way to relieve and prevent many kinds of headaches.

Chinese herbal remedies have been time-tested over many centuries of use on literally millions of people - simply put, what doesn't work was discarded long ago.

Chinese herbal remedies are based on the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a complete, professional medical system continuously practiced for at least the last 2500 years. TCM recognizes many causes of headache, therefore the particular herbal remedy for headache that's best for you depends on the specific type of headache you have. Listed below are some Chinese herbal formulas for 3 main kinds of headache - those due to the common cold, hypertension and stress.

Chinese Herbal Headache Remedies

1. Chuan Xiong Cha Tiao Wan - used for headache due to the common cold. This formula relieves colds with chills, mild fever, headache (particularly at the back of the head), stuffy or runny nose and stiff neck and shoulders.

2. Tian Ma Gou Teng Wan - used for pounding headaches and migraines associated with hypertension. This formula calms the liver - in TCM liver imbalances are considered to be a primary cause of headache. Other signs and symptoms indicating the use of this formula include red eyes, red face, irritability, dizziness and a red tongue with yellow fur.

3. Xiao Yao Wan - a very commonly prescribed Chinese herbal formula for headaches due to emotional stress and menstrual disorders. Xiao Yao Wan is suitable for men and women. It soothes the liver and is excellent for stress-related symptoms like mood swings, irritability, depression and neck and shoulder tension. Common menstrual symptoms indicating the use of this formula are PMS and irregular menstruation.

These are just 3 of dozens of Chinese herbal headache formulas. In addition to herbal medicine for headaches TCM also offers various self-help methods such as acupressure.

Home Remedy for a Headache - Acupressure

Acupressure is simple to learn and is very effective for relieving and preventing headaches due to such factors as stress, anxiety, overwork, fatigue, common cold and menstruation. Acupressure also combines well with other headache treatments. While self-help remedies like acupressure can be quickly learned and applied by virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere, you should consult a trained TCM practitioner, such as a herbalist or acupuncturist for specific information about Chinese herbal headache remedies and how they may help you.

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