Chinese Foot Massage Techniques...
Simple, Time Tested, Effective

Chinese or Daoist foot massage techniques are easy to learn and simple to do on yourself and others.

All you need is a chair and an acupressure map of the foot so you can locate the pressure points and reflexology areas.

Foot massage is a very safe self therapy.

If you've never done it before, though, read these Acupressure Massage FAQ (frequently asked questions) first.

How To Do Reflexology Foot Massage

There are two basic ways:

1. A complete foot and ankle rub with special attention paid to any sore or tender points found. This kind of foot massage comprises numerous techniques and is a complete therapy in itself. It can take up to 60 minutes per session and is best done by a trained reflexologist or massage therapist.

2. Massaging of specific pressure points only, according to their therapeutic properties. This type can also be used as a stand alone therapy or incorporated into your regular exercise program, taking from 5-10 minutes per session. It can easily be done by yourself. This is the method Matthew Scott uses in his holistic exercise routine and the one the rest of this page focuses on.

Massaging of specific acupressure points on your feet

Technique: Press & Knead (one of the main foot massage techniques, using your thumbs)


1. Sit on a firm but comfortable chair, or on the edge of your bed.

Lift one foot and rest it on the knee of the other leg so that you can see the bottom of your foot.

Note: The image on the right has been rotated vertically for easy viewing.

Keep your back as straight as you can, i.e. try not to slouch over your foot.

2. Using your Acupressure Foot Chart as a guide, locate a point that you want to massage.

For example: The point shown above right is known in traditional Chinese medicine as Yong Quan, or Kidney 1 (and sometimes the adrenal reflexology point).

It's the first point on the kidney energy meridian and massaging it has a calming effect on the body.

Use the tip of your thumb to press and knead the point fairly deeply (but not so that it causes excessive pain)for 1-2 minutes. If your thumb gets sore, rest it for a moment then continue.

Repeat on the other foot, using the other thumb.

Massage this point when you need to relax, or just before bed to help you sleep.

3. Repeat step 2 with any other point(s) you wish to massage. Choose, say, 3-4 points, massagethem on one foot, then do the other foot.

Massaging of specific pressure points or areas can be done daily.

Acupressure points do adapt to stimulation though, so after 10days, stop for 3-4 days, or choose new points to massage.

Note: While pressing and kneading is just one of many Chinese foot massage techniques, with this technique only you can give yourself a highly beneficial foot massage.

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