What Are Some Foods That
Increase My Energy?

If you've ever wondered "What are some foods that increase my energy?", here's a list of over twenty everyday foods that do just that.

Many boost energy not just because they are nourishing, but also because they tonify your digestive organs and it is via the digestive process that you obtain energy.

If you're often tired and aren't including at least some of these highly therapeutic foods in your diet, start doing so today.

At the same time give these foods a greater chance of boosting your energy by eliminating foods from your diet that are nutritionally dead. For instance: Pasteurized dairy products, overcooked meats, white bread, cakes, candy, cookies, pastries, soft drinks and canned, processed foods. The fresher your food and the closer it is to its natural state, the better it is for you and the more likely you are to obtain real energy from it.

What Are Some Foods That Increase My Energy?

  • Figs: Highly nutritious; enhance digestion & improve appetite
  • Dates: Nourish blood; benefit digestion
  • Raisins: Like figs & dates; a quick, high energy snack
  • Beef: Nourishes & strengthens digestive organs
  • Lamb: Improves appetite; nourishes blood; good for general debility
  • Pork: Alleviates general debility; nourishes the internal organs
  • Chicken: Aids general physical debility; nourishes qi (energy) & blood
  • Salmon: Contains essential fatty acids for white blood cell production
  • Tuna: As per Salmon
  • Eggs (raw yolks): Nourish blood; stimulate adrenals
  • Honey: Nourishes & strengthens digestive organs (add to warm water & drink it)
  • Molasses: Nourishes blood (add to warm water & drink it)
  • Oats: Good for general debility; nourish the digestive organs (great winter breakfast)
  • Papaya: Nourishes digestive organs; improves digestion (great summer breakfast)
  • Bananas: Good for nervous exhaustion
  • Grapes (dark): Tonify digestion; nourish blood
  • Spinach: Nourishes blood
  • Almonds (raw): Good meat substitute (first soak in water overnight)
  • Pecans (raw): Good for nervous exhaustion
  • Walnuts (raw): Nourish blood & kidneys
  • Wheat germ oil: Good for nervous exhaustion

In addition to these foods that boost energy, other equally simple and effective ways to increase your energy level include consuming nutritious drinks and doing breathing exercises to flood your system with energy-boosting fresh oxygen.

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