Traditional Chinese Facial Exercises
Invigorate Your Face, Head & Neck

Chinese facial exercises are simple to do on yourself and others and are highly beneficial when done regularly. These are techniques that have been used by Chinese people for a very long time, because they are easy and they work. I have lived in China for 12 years now and I often travel around the country on buses, trains and planes. I always see other passengers doing face exercises to relieve their sore eyes or perhaps a headache or blocked nose. I know the techniques below work because over the years I have seen so many people doing them and because I have done them myself many, many times.

They can be applied in several ways, for various reasons:

1. To enhance your facial appearance by relaxing and toning your facial muscles and improving local blood flow. Face massage, either doing it on yourself, or preferably done by someone else is incredibly relaxing and revitalizing. Getting a body massage here in China always includes your face and head.

2. To relieve common head and face problems like headache, insomnia, nasal congestion, sinusitis and sore eyes. Learn a few common acupressure points and help yourself next time you have a headache or stuffy nose, etc,

3. As a preventative therapy for the above kinds of problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine emphasises prevention over cure. If you often have problems like headache, sore eyes, blocked nose, etc, don’t wait till they come back to start doing something, learn some of the self-help techniques below and do them daily so as to hopefully prevent the problem returning.

The self-help methods include face massage and acupressure techniques, especially around the eyes, ears and nose, and gentle stretching exercises targeting, for example, the throat and front part of the neck.

Facial Exercises: These free face exercises include face acupressure, head and face massage, and the exercises below for the chin and eyes.

Double Chin Exercises: Simple, effective stretches to firm and tone your chin and neck, from your jawline to your chest.

Eye Exercises: Exercises and acupressure massage techniques to improve your vision and relieve sore, tired eyes. Great for students, computer users and anyone who uses their eyes excessively.

Natural Sinus Remedies: Includes massage techniques and a breathing exercise to clear your nasal and breathing passages, and simple, time-tested home remedies for sinus problems and blocked noses.

Facial Acupressure Chart: Shows the locations and therapeutic indications of commonly used Chinese acupressure points on the face.

Note: You will need Adobe Reader (a free program) installed on your computer in order to open and view the chart. You can get it here (a new window will open so you can download without leaving this facial exercises page).