Acupressure for Face and Jaw Tension

Are there any acupressure points to relieve tension in the jaw and face? It feels like there is no neutral position to let my jaw relax. Thanks for your help.

Matthew's reply: Yes, acupressure can help release tension in your jaw and face, but getting lasting relief depends on knowing and treating the cause of the problem. Emotional stress is a common cause.

Here are some acupressure points that may help:

1. Located on the corners of your jaw just above the angle of the jawbone, on the fleshy part that bulges out when you clench your teeth together. Lightly clench your teeth to find the bulge (on both sides of your face) then once you've found it relax your face and use the tips of your fingers to press and rub in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Repeat several times a day. Close your eyes and focus on the areas as you rub them.

2. Located on your hands and commonly used for pain and tension in the face and head. Go to this page with acupressure points for headache

Scroll down to Hand Acupressure Point (C04), where you can watch a video showing you how to locate and rub the point. Note that the first point on the page, called Head acupressure point (Gb20) may help too.

Pressing and rubbing the above acupressure points may well help release your face and jaw pain but, as mentioned, without knowing the underlying cause you may not get lasting relief.

All the best. Any further questions feel free to post them here.

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How to Relieve Tight Neck,Chest,Throat, Face, Jaw

by Soh Poh Soo

I've been experiencing tight neck, chest, throat, face and jaw probably due to too much tics and twitches till at one point it made me feel like I have breathing difficulty due to the throat and neck tightness when it's already proven my breathing and heart beating were fine.

The problem with all these body tightness from what doctor says its due to too much tics and twitches that is causing the muscles to be tight.

Is there any exercise to reduce the pain of such problem and gradually help to stop the tics and twitches and tightness in these muscles and areas?

Matthew's reply: Hi Soh Poh Soo, it is difficult via the internet to offer specific advice. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chest tightness, muscle tics and twitches and muscle tightness and tension is often due to an underlying liver imbalance. Things which can cause liver imbalances, in TCM, are emotional stress (frustration, anger, depression), diet (excess hot, spicy, fried foods, alcohol, coffee) and lack of exercise.

Exercise and diet are two things you can do yourself. Two professional therapies that are typically good for liver imbalances, muscle tics, twitches, etc, are acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. In Singapore you should be able to find a qualified practitioner of these therapies.

If you have stress, anxiety and other emotional imbalances in your life, breathing exercises and acupressure are very good for relief and prevention. There are two programs on this site containing traditional Chinese exercises, breathing techniques and acupressure that may help you. These are easy to learn.

Long Life Exercise Program

Acupressure and Breathing Exercises for Anxiety, Stress, etc.

If you have questions about TCM for muscle tics, twitches, chest tightness, etc, or about the programs, just post below.

All the best,


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