Exercises to Tighten Up Stomach
Flab and Develop Core Strength

Some of the best exercises to tighten up stomach flab and for overall toning and strengthening of your core (abs, waist, lower back) are done with an ab wheel.

Ab wheels are not new, nor are they a traditional Chinese exercise method, however this writer has recently discovered their benefits since seeing one at a health club where he lives in China.

The fact that ab wheels aren't a Chinese exercise method is irrelevant, particularly as they work. Regardless of what kind of general or specific abs exercises you're looking for - exercises to tighten up your stomach, exercises for lower abdominal toning, or exercises for upper abs or obliques - 5 minutes a day with an ab wheel will firm and strengthen your entire abdominal and stomach area.

Ab Wheel Exercises to Tighten Up Stomach Flab and Strengthen Your Core

Easiest Exercise

Breathe smoothly and deeply though your nose throughout all the exercises.

1. Kneel down and hold the ab wheel in front of your knees. Rest your feet on your toes.

If the floor's hard put a folded towel or thin cushion under your knees.

2. Inhale as you slowly and smoothly roll the wheel forward as far as you comfortably can, but not so far that your upper body touches the floor.

Exhale while rolling the wheel back to the start position. As you come back, squeeze your abs. Feel the tension in them.

That's one repetition. One set of 10-15 reps the first day is probably enough if you're unfit, have weak abs or back problems. Build up to 2 or 3 sets a session.

Or, roll the wheel out and hold the position as long as you can.

Five minutes a day with an ab wheel is enough, particularly if you're also doing other exercises for your abs and core such as waist exercises.

Ab Wheel Exercises to Tighten Up Stomach Flab and Strengthen Your Core

Harder Exercises

1. As above, but instead of kneeling on the floor, kneel on a small stool, or a coffee table. Reach down and roll the ab wheel out from in front of the stool/table.

2. Some ab wheels have straps on the handles for you to place your feet in. This allows you to lie on your back and roll your feet and lower body out instead of your upper body. If you have an ab wheel with straps, try this exercise: Lie on your back with your feet in the straps. Roll the wheel away from your body while raising your buttocks and torso off the floor. This exercise strengthens and tones your legs, backside and lower back.

3. Strap your feet in and do push ups.

4. Strap your feet in and walk along on your hands.

Benefits of Ab Wheels

  • Reduce excess belly fat
  • Tone and strengthen your core - abs, waist, lower back
  • Tone and strengthen your legs, butt, chest, arms and upper back

Of course, ab wheels aren't the only way to firm and tone your abs. There are other exercises for lower abdominal toning and exercises for toning your abdomen and mid-section in general, such as these waist exercises.

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