The Hip Swivel:
Exercises To Slim Your Hips
Couldn't Be Easier!

The Hip Swivel is one of the key Chinese exercises to slim your hips and waist, limber your lower back and loosen your hip joints.

It also improves blood circulation in your pelvic and abdominal region.

Additionally, the Hip Swivel is an effective remedy for lower back pain, hip pain and stiffness in the hip joints, which is why it's very common to see elderly people doing it in the parks here in China.

Also included below are links to other exercises on this site for toning, firming and strengthening your mid-section, i.e. your hips, waist, abs, butt and thighs. Try them all till you find which ones are most suitable for your particular situation. However, if you have a history of lower back or hip problems or you haven't exercised for some time, check with your health professional first.

Hip Swivel - Exercise to Slim Your Hips


1. Stand with your feet parallel and about hip width apart.

Put your hands on your hips.

Bend your legs a little and sink your weight down into them.

Keep your back straight. Look ahead or at the ground in front of you.

2. Start to slowly and gently move your hips and pelvis around in small circles.

Gradually, make bigger circles and increase the speed.

Keep your feet parallel and on the ground.

Do 10-15 rotations in one direction then repeat in the other direction.

Or simply do the exercise for a couple of minutes, two or three times a day.


  • Slims your hips & waist
  • Limbers & loosens your lower back & hip joints
  • Relieves low back & hip pain & stiffness
  • Improves blood circulation in your pelvic & abdominal area
  • Strengthens your knees & ankles


  • Focus on making smooth, even circles
  • Stop if you feel any pain

If your hips and waist are areas you especially need or want to focus on when exercising, the following additional exercises to slim your hips, waist and thighs are also recommended:

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