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What are the best exercises to lose belly fat? Of course, doing just one specific exercise isn’t enough. Here in China most people exercise in their local park and you see them doing many different kinds of exercises, not just for their abs, but for their whole body and their mind. You don't see that many really overweight people here. The parks have stairs and uphill paths for running or hiking up, which are great ways to lose excess fat and get very fit, and monkey bars and other non-machine equipment are common and very effective for toning and strengthening your body.

The Chinese diet and way of eating must play a role in the relatively low obesity rate too. The fact that you don't really see that many obese people here, compared to a lot of Western countries, means there must be something in the way Chinese people eat and exercise. You can read more about this in some of the postings, below, and elsewhere on the site. For example, the Chinese Diet Report in the Articles-Reports section has practical tips on food and eating relevant to most people.

This section of the site is specifically for asking about and commenting on belly fat exercises and exercises for firming and toning your mid-section in general.

Got a question about these types of exercises? Post it below and also please reply to other postings too if you have something helpful and relevant to contribute. Before sending in a new question, though, please scroll down to see what others have written. Duplicate questions will not make it on to the site or be responded to, sorry.

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