Exercises for Toning Stomach & Abs

These exercises for toning stomach and abdominal muscles are simple to do, yet highly effective when done regularly. The first one combines deep breathing with abdominal contractions to firm, tone and tighten your belly and abdominal area.

Deep breathing increases oxygenation of your system, which boosts your metabolism, which helps with fat loss. When you breathe deeply and tighten your abs at the same time, the result is a powerful abs and tummy toning exercise. And, as you'll see below, thereare other, equally worthwhile, benefits to doing deep breathing.

The first exercise specifically involves strong, rhythmic contractions of your abdominal muscles to forcefully empty your lungs of air. It's a classic breathing exercise to clean your lungs and airways and flood your system with fresh oxygen, and this alone makes it a highlyworthwhile exercise, particulary if you smoke and/or live in a city. The bonus is that it also tones and tightens your abs and belly.

Exercises for Toning Stomach & Abs


1. Sit with your back straight and your hands on your knees.

2. Lean forward and forcefully exhale through your mouth to empty your lungs. This should make a loud whooshing sound (or wheezing sound if you're a smoker or have little lung power).

Squeeze and contract your abs as you push all the air out - keep your face relaxed though.

3. When your lungs are completely empty, relax your abs and inhale slowly and smoothly through your nose as you return to the upright starting position.

Fill your lungs to no more than 1/2 full. That's one round.

Immediately begin another round. Try and do 10 or 12 rounds the first time.

Build up to 3 sets of 25-30 rounds, morning, afternoon and evening.


  • Firms your belly & tones your abs
  • Tones your nervous system - do it when you feel uptight or upset
  • Enhances digestion - do it before meals
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes & energizes
  • Keeps your lungs and airways clear
  • Tips

    • In between each round and after the last one, take several (or more) slow, deep breaths (through your nose) to balance your breathing again.
    • At first you might cough, feel dizzy, see spots before your eyes and lose your breath. If so, stop, take some slow, deep breaths and try again. As your lungs become clearer and stronger it'll stop happening.
    • Try it standing with hands on hips. As you exhale move your hips and pelvis forward and slightly curl your upper body and squeeze your abs as if doing a standing crunch. Relax as you inhale.

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