Exercises for Hypertension, Anxiety, Depression

by Braham

I am suffering from hypertension, anxiety and some sort of depression, and would appreciate it if you can advise me how to treat it through acupressure. Thanks and regards.

Matthew's reply: Hi Braham, a combination of acupressure and Chinese therapeutic exercises can help relieve your hypertension, anxiety and depression. The Long Life Exercise Program has the best such exercises and techniques based on my 22 years of experience with the Chinese way of health. There are many testimonials on the site from followers of the program. Any questions about using the program for hypertension, anxiety and depression just post them below. Alternatively, you could try Chinese herbal medicine as it typically is good for such problems.

All the best,


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Depression and Memory Problems

by Habibullah Sheikh
(University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh)

I'm 24 years old. I'm suffering from depression, poor concentration, delayed decision making, negative thought, boring life, frustration and serious memory problems. I forget what i talk, do, eat, read etc. Sometimes i can't remember very simple thing for example my relatives name, my ex-room number etc. I regularly visit a psychiatrist and taking medicine but there is a little improvement of memory. I request u, please tell me, how do i apply acupressure besides medication if possible?

Matthew's reply: Habibullah, unfortunately these are not the kinds of health problems that can be properly addressed via the internet. And I am not sure if acupressure would have a good enough effect for you.

My particular field is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which includes therapies like acupuncture (and acupressure), herbal medicine and dietary therapy. The sorts of problems you are experiencing - poor concentration, poor memory, frustration, etc - are problems that TCM can treat but not via the internet.

The only way is to consult face to face with a professional TCM practitioner who will perform a TCM diagnosis, then prescribe herbal medicine and maybe acupuncture plus dietary and lifestyle modifications.

Are there practitioners of Chinese medicine in Bangladesh? This is my best suggestion to you, other than trying some of the breathing exercises on this site. To try breathing exercises as well as some acupressure techniques (which may help too) look in the Stress section.

Breathing exercises in particular are very powerful when done regularly. They can help relax you and possibly improve your concentration, etc. Whatever treatments you receive - Western medication, Chinese herbal medicine, etc - breathing exercises may also be done at the same time.

All the best. Any questions about the breathing exercises or about how TCM treats poor memory, poor concentration, depression, etc, just post below.


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