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Exercise Videos Online

Introducing... traditional Chinese exercise videos online in the form of 15-30 minute, downloadable programs for strength, toning, energy, weight loss, sleep, relaxation and relieving and preventing common health problems.

Downloadable exercise videos means it's now quicker and easier than ever to learn classic Chinese exercises and self-help techniques - the same ones Chinese people have used for at least 2000 years. All you need is somewhere to do them - inside, outside, at home or work - no equipment, classes, gyms or training partners necessary.

The exercises and techniques are presented in balanced programs as this is essential for getting the most out of traditional Chinese exercises - otherwise you're merely scratching the surface of what they can do for you now and long term. If you're looking to download exercise videos aimed at improving overall health and wellbeing, these are some of the benefits of doing a traditional Chinese exercise program:

The programs give you:

  • A strong, flexible back, neck, arms & legs
  • Tight, toned abs, waist, hips, thighs, arms & legs
  • Relief & prevention of joint & muscle stiffness & pain
  • More energy
  • Greater relaxation
  • Less anxiety, frustration & other negative emotions
  • Improved sleep, digestion & bowel movements
  • Deeper breathing & less colds
  • Better circulation
  • Greater overall physical, mental and emotional health
  • Current online Traditional Chinese Exercise Videos

    1. Chinese Long Life Exercise Program<

    2. Sleep Program

    3. Common Cold Program

    4. Stiff Neck Program

    5. Headache Program

    6. Waist Exercises

    7. Anxiety Program

    8. Waist Exercises

    9. Knee Exercises

    10. Self-Massage Techniques

    Some of the programs include relevant dietary and lifestyle advice in the online instruction manual. Why? Faulty diet and an irregular, unbalanced lifestyle are primary causes of and contributors to many health problems today. For any exercise program to work well it is therefore essential to change your bad dietary and lifestyle habits. If you purchase one of the programs that includes dietary and lifestyle advice please heed the suggestions or you may not get the results you hope for.

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    If you have a question about a program let me know. I have been doing traditional Chinese exercises myself since 1987 and I created all the programs on this site.

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