Exercise to Lose Belly Fat ,
Tone Your Abdominals and
Tighten Your Stomach

Looking for an effective exercise to lose belly fat? Want a tight tummy? How about a remedy for sluggish digestion and constipation at the same time? The benefits of these classic Chinese exercises are threefold. Not only do they firm and tone your abdominal muscles, they also massage your abdominal organs and help your breathing by strengthening your diaphragm.

Don't be surprised then if you notice a general improvement in your digestion, metabolism, circulation and bowel movements. Owe it to your regular practice of the following exercises. All the exercises are safe, however check with your health professional before trying any for the first time.

While these exercises will help you lose excess belly fat you may, of course, also need to adjust your diet - see the Chinese Diet Report below for traditional Chinese dietary tips. And for some low cost and very effective ways to boost your metabolism, build stamina and lose overall excess body fat, do short, intense sessions of stair running, soft sand running, hill sprinting and/or skipping.

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Exercise to Lose Belly Fat: Known as the Abdominal Lift. One of the best ab and stomach exercises. It only takes a few minutes and can be done standing or sitting.

Forward-Backward Bend: Massages and stretches your abdominal muscles. Benefits your abdominal organs and spine at the same time.

Toe Circles: Another of the simple yet highly effective Chinese tummy exercises - using your feet, while you're in bed!

Deep Breathing + Ab Contractions: Controlled deep breathing while contracting your abs squeezes belly fat off and has other benefits.

Ab Wheels: A simple, powerful way to tone and strengthen your upper, lower and oblique abs and develop core body strength, in 5 minutes a day.

Ab Breathing Exercise: Slow, deep breathing stimulates your abdominal organs, energizes and relaxes you. Do it standing, sitting or lying down.

Abs & Stomach Massage: Tones and strengthens your abdominals, enhances blood flow in the area, energizes, and improves digestion.

Other exercises and resources to help you lose belly fat:

Pull Ups: Not only an excellent exercise for your upper body but also to strengthen your abs and firm your belly. All you need is a horizontal bar.

Ab Lift on Video: Watch how to do the Ab Lift on downloadable video.

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Skin Brushing Report: A simple, quick way to improve skin tone and texture, eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation and more.