Exercise For Toning Legs
From Thighs to Ankles

While traditional Chinese exercise for toning legs requires no weights or exercise equipment, there are many excellent Chinese-style exercises that can tone, firm and strengthen your legs from your thighs to your ankles.

These exercises also stimulate important energy meridians in your legs. Specific pressure points on these meridians link to your internal organs - if you stimulate the meridians, through leg exercises and stretching, you also stimulate your internal organs.

Do deep breathing during each exercise and you increase the benefits immensely, whether your goal is toning, stretching or strengthening. The leg toning and strengthening exercises below are suitable for anyone and, as with virtually all traditional Chinese exercises, you can do them almost anywhere.

Exercises for Toning Legs

The Thigh Burner is like a stationary squat, but with your legs spread wide and feet pointing out to the sides. It's a superb exercise for toning your legs, especially your thighs. This exercise is also a highly effective thigh strengthener, lower back and pelvic region strengthener and butt toner. The Thigh Burner and variations of it is common to many martial arts styles, which can require you to stay in the position for ten minutes or more, hence the name.

The Forward Lunge is another great exercise for toning legs, particularly your thighs. It balances the effects of the Thigh Burner, above, so you should do one then the other.

Bodyweight Squats not only strengthen your whole legs and lower back, they are also an excellent exercise for toning your legs and your butt. For balance hold a basketball or similar to your belly, and to add more resistance hold a medicine ball or barbell weight.

Another typically multi-beneficial Chinese exercise is the Forward-Backward Bend. This highly recommended exercise tones, stretches and strengthens your spine and backs of legs as you bend forward, and your abs, chest, arms and front of your legsas you bend backward.

For variation, stair running, skipping, rebounding, trampolining, hill running, soft sand running and, of course, swimming and bike riding are also effective leg toning exercises.

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