Exercise For Lower Back Problems
Upper Back Pain & Stiff Neck

Traditional Chinese exercise for lower back problems, and pain and stiffness of the upper back and neck involves:

  • Slow, gentle stretching to limber muscles & improve blood flow
  • Coordinated deep breathing to assist stretching and pain relief
  • Gentle twisting movements to align vertebrae
  • Balance, e.g. a right then left twist, a forward then backward bend
  • Back and neck strengthening techniques
  • Below is a selection of very effective back and neck stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises are multi-beneficial, safe and easy to do. Check with your health professional first though before trying any new exercise, especially if you have a history of back or neck problems or you haven't exercised for some time.

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    Exercise for Lower Back Problems: This excellent exercise is called the Back Twist. It stretches and limbers your back and hips, aligns your vertebrae and stimulates digestion and blood flow.

    Forward-Backward Bend: Another superb exercise for lower back problems. Stretches and strengthens your back and legs and your abdominal muscles. Circulates blood to your head and face.

    Back Arch: Stretches and strengthens the spine and supporting muscles. Equally effective for lower back and upper back and neck problems.

    Squat, Sit and Stretch Your Back: Here are 3 simple, effective stretching exercises for the back, neck and hips you can do in the squatting and sitting positions.

    Leg Stretch: Stretches the muscles and tendons at the back of your legs, which helps relieve and prevent lower back problems.

    Lumbar Rub: Warms the lower back and sacrum and stimulates blood circulation in the area. A great tonic for a stiff, aching lower back.

    Neck Twist: Stretches and loosens the muscles and tendons of the neck to relieve and prevent pain and stiffness.

    Upper Back Loosener: Loosens the upper vertebrae, upper back muscles and shoulders to relieve the chronic tension that is so common in this area.

    Toe Circles: Strengthens your abs and stomach area - important if you have lower back problems.

    Anal Lock: Lower back pain sufferers often have referred pain in their sacrum and coccyx (tailbone). Rhythmic contraction of your anal sphincter muscles is one of the simplest and best exercises you can do to tone and strengthen your entire pelvic region and relieve and prevent lower back pain.