Exercise During Pregnancy

by Maham Amin
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Hi. i am 5 weeks pregnant. can i continue doing these Chinese exercises?

Matthew's reply: Maham Amin, thanks for your question. You can continue doing many Chinese exercises during pregnancy.

However, there are some acupressure points that should not be pressed during pregnancy as they can stimulate uterine contractions, especially in the 3rd trimester. For example, this HAND acupressure point. (See the video)

Self-massage is very useful during pregnancy but when rubbing the abdomen and lower back, especially in the 3rd trimester, you should do it very gently. The Abdominals and Back sections of the site contain such techniques, e.g. Abs/Stomach Massage and Lumbar Rub.

Generally, and particularly during the 3rd trimester, you should avoid any exercises that put direct strain on the abdomen and lower back such as the Abdominal Lift and Forward-Backward Bend.

If there are any other exercises or techniques on the site that you want to try but aren't sure about let me know by posting below. To be safe you should also check with your doctor before trying any exercise during pregnancy.

All the best,


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