Digestion Problems in Children

by Anto


I am an Indian. My daughter was born in the UK. Since her birth 2 years back, her weight doesn't seem to be improving. whatever food she intakes (will swallow actually without chewing). Hence, she is relatively small size compared with my elder daughter. Because of this she is not taking food and in at least a day one time she vomits.

Could you please advice what is the solution for these sort of problems? Are these problems in common OR Does this has an relatively connected issue with heredity?

Please advise.


Matthew's reply: Anto, it would be helpful to know what food you are giving your daughter. If she is eating typical UK food then it may be one reason for her digestive problem. The typical Western diet fed to kids is, in Chinese medicine terms, too damp. This means it generates excessive mucus and phlegm which can clog up a child's immature digestive system. Typical foods and drinks which according to Chinese medicine often cause digestive problems in children are: white bread, peanut butter, excess fruit juice, cheese and anything too cold like icecream and iced drinks.

Children in particular should mostly be given cooked food eaten warm and should not be allowed to overeat. Examples are steamed vegetables and rice with small amounts of thinly sliced lean meat. This supports the digestive system. Fruit is fine but fruit juice is very concentrated (5 or 6 oranges to make one glass of juice) and if drunk excessively can cause problems.

This is general advice and yes your daughter may have inherited a digestive imbalance. I suggest you have her checked firstly at a Western medical center, and then for dietary advice see a professional practitioner of Chinese medicine who has experience treating children. Chinese dietary therapy is a very well established system that is simple and practical to apply, no matter where you live. Chinese herbal medicine is also good for children and can address underlying imbalances gently and effectively.

All the best and any further questions about Chinese medicine and digestive problems in children just post below.


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by: Anonymous

you could always go and see a doctor about it, instead of asking people online. However, Matthew, your advice is good and accurate. Even though this person does need to see a doctor about his daughter, he should also consider your advice when feeding his daughter.

Matthew's reply: Yes, seeking health advice online is not really the way to go about it, especially if you have a sick child. Sure, research the problem and the treatment options online but still see a health professional.

For kids, I absolutely recommend traditional Chinese medicine (especially dietary and herbal) as it is a gentle yet effective method, and it is a very well developed system that can be adapted to suit virtually anyone regardless of where they live.

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